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  1. SoCal-s130

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  2. SoCal-s130

    WTB RB25DET Engine, Tranny or both in SOCAL

    Local here in Southern California: http://www.jdmcalifornia.com/product-category/nissan/engine-wtransmission-nissan/
  3. SoCal-s130

    Plexi Quarter Windows

    Weight comparison to the stock glass?
  4. Definitely interested in seeing some photos.
  5. SoCal-s130

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    What flares are these?
  6. SoCal-s130

    rb25 240z burnout

    Anywhere I can see more pics of this car? Interested in the side splitters and how you installed them. Are they the s2000 ones?
  7. SoCal-s130

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Smoke break at Hoonigan last weekend.
  8. The external regulator had a white/black, black, white, yellow, and solid green. I have already followed the steps shown on atlantic z by connecting the white wire with the yellow wire. I now just need a wire that I can connect to the white/black wire coming from the L of the alternator. The write up says to connect it to the green/red wire that is supposed to be in the plug that goes to the old voltage regulator but I guess the 75 models did not have the green/red wire. So I am looking for an alternative at the moment.
  9. The only wire I have to work with from the original harness going to the regulator would be the solid green which routes to the tach, "switching module", floor temperature relay, and the "checker". From what I recall while searching where the green wire went into my cabin it appeared that the previous owner had cut it. Would this wire work for the L(amp) connection of the alternator?
  10. Yeah I mis-worded that. The only wires that are in the harness leading to the voltage regulator is ; green, black, white/black, yellow, and white. The FSM for the 1975 does have the green and red going into the ign interlock unit but my vehicle does not have the green and red nor the ign interlock unit. I have read about this specifically for the 1975 only.
  11. Hello all, I have searched low and high to no avail. I am upgrading to a 280zx alternator in my 75 280. I was following the diagram below and carried out with the white to yellow but had noticed that my volage regulator did not have the specified green and red. It appears that the pin hole of the voltage regulator for the G/R was capped from the factory. So I am hoping that there are some guys here that have figured something out for the 75s that could help me finish this up? Thank you in advance... Connect 1-5 (lamp to windings common) green&red to white&black Connect 2-3 (+12V to Sense) white to yellow
  12. So I have a 75 280z with an l24 in it. Every time I pop the hood it drives me crazy seeing the mess of wires lying there. So I pulled everything out to strip everything out that I absolutely don't need... I've searched all the diagrams in my fsm for these boxes and for the life if me can't find them. I did buy the vehicle from someone with the l24 in it already and I have no idea if this is actually even a 75 harness. So to sum it up I am assuming these are some sort of relays and would like to know if I actually need them.
  13. SoCal-s130

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Haven't driven this thing in over a year. Felt good to get it out again.
  14. Love the way these look. Like everyone else has mentioned they suck when it comes to visibility. Above post with the convex glass is an excellent idea. I'll have to try that as well. Installed on my car.
  15. SoCal-s130

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Looks like an actual C/F bumper to me.