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  1. Serial Number is 000248.


    I'm getting pretty pumped about it - the suspension gets back tomorrow from coilover perch/powdercoating. It's actually going to be fun putting a car back together that has fresh paint and no 1/4" thick layer of greese/grime dirt built up!



  2. Well, it's been an eventful year as far as the Z's go. I just realized that the pics of me cleaning out #248 were almost a year old!


    The past year has just been collecting parts and pulling things together. As it sits now, #248 is about a month from being done/painted/reassembled.


    Thought I'd drop a few pics for you guys to look at. The pics should be going up on the body shop site (thehackshack.net), but here are a few that I've shot.


    Cleaning up:



    Stripped and ready for the media blaster:





    Early Progress:








    Lots of little details are happening: Car has been cleaned up: side marker lights are gone, firewall smoothed, joints re-leaded, holes filled in engine bay, roll cage is now in, spare tire mount has been removed for custom subwoofer and the list goes on....


    Getting excited!

  3. Davy:


    There's been a pretty strong Z group in the greater Charlotte area for some time now. There is a little town just southeast of Charlotte called Indian Trail and it used to have a great Nissan shop. Don't know if Jimmy is still in business, but he was good - not that you'd have to take your Z to anyone. Kinda reminded me of Cousin Eddy on Christmas Vacation. :)



  4. Davy:


    I grew up just outside of Charlotte in Waxhaw (Union County). Back then it was about 30 min. drive through the country. Now, Waxhaw is almost Charlotte - one of the fastest growing bedroom communities of Charlotte.


    Based on what you're looking for, take a look at the Ballentyne area. Easy access to 485 (the loop around Charlotte) higher end property, but also good schools, shops, close to everything, etc. If Ballentyne is too expensive for what you're looking for, widen the search from there by about 20 miles and you'll find a lot of good areas to buy homes in.






  5. Guys:


    I'm getting ready to weld on the lower perchs for my MML coilover setup but have a question. From the instructions I'm gathering that you slide the mild steel bushing and then set the threaded sleeve on top so that the top of the threaded sleeve is supposed to be approx 1/4" from the top of the strut housing. Is this correct?


    I searched and saw a good many pics but all of the people had placed theirs so that the top of the threaded sleeve is from the looks of it over an inch below the top of the housing.


    Any advice?





  6. jbk240z did offer to swap out the chassis and if I could have made a swap work out, I would have. Problem for me was the timetable that I'm on for getting the car (#248) done. I had to have the cut to the body shop by the weekend and couldn't wait. #1793 was a nice car for sure, but it had its own issues that would have required significant funds to straighten out.


    Moment of silence......


    Trust me, #248 is going to be awesome. More to come.



  7. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I did get it - I'm just a little overwhelmed today. For those of you guys who have contacted me about pieces of 1793, I'll be back with you this weekend.


    Thanks again.



  8. The need to cut up the car has been killing me. It was originally a show car, has the window sticker, trophies from the '80's and such.


    BUT!!! I promise that #248 will blow your socks off. The guys at the Hack Shack are midway through the body work and based on what I've seen, it'll be worth it.


    Every time I go drop something off to them they keep shaking their heads and muttering..."and this is going to be your daily driver?!?"





  9. The battery box area had surface rust on it that I POR-15'd, so it's treated, but you can tell that the surface is rough. No holes though. As far as the hatch jamb I'll check on the left side. I believe that you're in luck - the rust is on the right side. :)


    I'll get back to you.



  10. It kills me to do this, but the rodstoration on #248 is taking precedent. I'm needing to cut from the front strut towers forward to repair some of the damage on 248, so the shell is up for parts if anyone is needing things.


    The car was honestly a really nice Z, w/only approx. 86K on it. Has the early series one hatch with vents and vertical defroster lines. Drivers quarter is really nice as is the drivers fender. The Rear deck and spare tire well is also beautiful.


    I posted an add in the classifieds, so mods, if this is a posting faux pa, please let me know.






  11. I'll be able to add '06/07 Miata seats to the mix. I went and measured and did the seat of the pants test at my dealer, liked 'em and bought a set off of ebay for $300, brand new (spec miata).


    Should be here by next Friday. Also, if someone is interested, there are a set of Lotus Elise seats that are on ebay at this time. I bid on them once but then decided against due to the color - burgundy or red depending on how you look at them. Very cool though.




  12. David:


    Slight change in plans. Gary over at the Hack Shack said that he can get 248 in right away, so I'm actually putting finishing the LT1 swap on hold for just a week or so to finish stripping #248. Then it's off to the media blaster on Tuesday and to Garys on Thursday. He told me 5 weeks and its done.


    Hold me back!




  13. Guys:


    Thanks for the help so far. I'm pretty excited about this paint scheme, so hopefully it'll turn out well.


    I've attached another pic of my Z, early on in the process, 4 plus years ago.


    Maybe this will help:






    Thanks again for the help with this. As soon as the process begins, I'll be posting pics of each step.



  14. Guys: I finally have a time spot scheduled with the painter and now need to see if my paint idea will look good or not. I don't have photoshop and so was wondering if someone could help me with this.


    My plan is to use a paint scheme similar to what Bart was throwing around, but with my factory color on the bottom and black on the top.


    Any chance that someone would have the time to whip this together? If it looks bad, I want to come up with paint scheme plan number two.


    TIA - big time!


    Here are the pics:


    Barts plan first:



    A very nice Z, painted same color as mine:


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