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  1. Actually, that's what I kept thinking. Weird thing was that when I finally talked about the project, the majority of people were ok (not that it matters). When I got the car, a lot of the parts that make it valuable for a stock restoration were gone, so it wasn't like I was "ruining" a complete low vin.


    I'm just pumped that the end is in sight....I, uh, think.... This weekend the plan is for the motor and tranny to go back in for the last time. Now that the fatmat is in and done, I can start on the wiring. The car should be back for final coat in about a week and a half. Final paint scheme should be stunning!



  2. Guys:


    I realized the other day that I may have not thought my rear camber plate install all the way through. Here's my dillema: The camber plates were installed and the rear suspension is up and in place. With the TTT camber plates and the MM coil overs, it looks like there's no way to seal the top of the strut tower from road debris and dirt, etc.


    Am I missing something or just a little slow to realize the obvious?



  3. Well, time for an update! I got the car back from the body shop on Wednesday, with everything from the firewall forward finish painted and the interior and roll cage painted.


    Since I got it back, I've gotten the front and rear suspension remounted and the sound insulation done throughout the car. Over the next week, the body shop will be finishing the doors, hood and fenders and I'll be sending the car back. I'm gettin pumped! The color turned out incredible!


    Here's a few pics of the car:








    While the car was at the bodyshop, I took the time to reassemble the suspension subassemblies so that when I got the body back, it was just a matter of mounting them up.


    I ended up going with one of the Motorsport steering racks and they seem to be the real deal. Nice and tight.


    The only thing that I'm kind of kicking myself for is not having thought out/planned out the rear camber plates. The finished product is really nice, but it wasn't until I re-mounted the suspension that I realized that there is no way of sealing out the weather from getting thrown up in the strut tower.


    More pics to follow!



  4. ditto on the protege. The first new car that I ever bought was a 2000 Protege ES and it was great. I didn't have any complaints about it and never a lick of trouble.


    My wife and I traded it in on a new '02 Protege5 and we kept that till last summer. After we traded that car in, the dealer kept it as their loaner and we just recently saw it at the back of the lot, totaled. A lady was driving it and went left of center and hit another car head on. Crushed the front end, but the passenger compartment didn't deform at all, both doors opened and the driver and her passenger were able to walk away.


    Great little car!



  5. That's Mark Rolstons RB Z. One of the most well executed modded Z's around (IMO).


    Here's the link to his website: http://web.mac.com/markrolston/iWeb/Site/Z-car.html


    As far as the rims go, here is some info from the Victoria Z club:


    Street Wheels: Boze Mesh 18x11s on all four corners

    Street Tires: Hoosier Wets 285/35/18s

    Race Wheels: Complete Custom Wheels (CCW) Classic 18x11

    Race Tires: Hoosier Slicks 285/35/18s





  6. Guys:


    I'm hoping that someone can help me out. I purchased a set of hood vents for a 280Z hood on ebay for the restoration on #248. Well, they came in a week or so ago and one is broken. Vendor has refused to replace and now I'm up against a wall.


    I have to have the vents to the painter by next week. Anyone happen to have a nice vent, drivers side, that they would be willing to sell? I'd like to get one that has all of the studs in place.





  7. Honestly, I went pretty mild. The wheels are 17x8's, 5x114.3 42mm offset. They're not too heavy and with 245/45's on the back, should fill out the wheel well pretty nicely. Sommers is supposed to come over and we're going to fit one up to get an idea.



  8. Just had a few more pics of the restoration that I wanted to post up.


    Camber plates going in:








    Undercoating sprayed:




    New Wheels:




    Pretty much all of the parts are back from the powdercoater and so the suspension subassemblies will be going back together this weekend.


    Had a "beat my head against the wall" moment last weekend. I had gotten the bushings pressed out of the front and rear control arms and when I went to go reassemble everything I realized that the machine shop had left the metal sleeves in. So I did a little searching here and a couple of other places, and proceeded to go at the sleeves with a hacksaw. A good 20 minutes or so later, I hadn't made very much practice, so I got out the sawzall (you can see where this is going) and attempted to make a partial cut that I would finish with the hacksaw. I thought that I had kept out of the control arm metal, but didn't and wasted a good, newly powdercoated set of front and rears. My wife, responding to my ticked-off-ness said "I take it that you weren't supposed to cut your a- arms, right?" Some of the cuts weren't too far into the metal, but I don't want to risk any metal failures.


    So....back to the parts car, tear out the suspension from #248, take everything apart again, this time make sure that the machine shop presses out the bushings and sleeves then back to the powdercoater.....2 steps forward, one back.


    On a cool note, I finally got my new wheels, a little wider so that I can run 245's in the back.


    My Konig Imagine wheels that were on the car will be going up for sale (brand new, 17x7, 4x114.3 with adapters).


    Hope to get a shot or two of the car with the cage installed to post.



  9. My wife and I have tossed around the idea of moving up to the NW (she's originally from Vancouver) and really like the Bellingham area.


    Housing looks pretty steep, but we've found a few homes in Sudden Valley that don't seem to bad.


    Is that some kind of retirement community or something? Any reason not to look there?


    Are there any other places that you guys would recommend looking within the city?


    Thanks for the help.




  10. "The problem is that they say in the ad that they are hub centric only. Our car's require lug centric adapters."


    I saw that the other day. The guy I spoke with was named Steve and he said that they would be able to do lug centric. We'll see.



  11. Man...don't even talk to me about having fun with the Z.... I'm stuck in a "masters level" technology class till late tonight and have 2 finals for the weekend....


    Half the people in here can't even turn on their computers...sheesh. What a waste.... Come on people! Post more new things so I don't go to sleep!





  12. Didn't know that they offered adapters. I went ahead and spoke with these guys:




    I called them up and they were really helpful, only thing is that they won't suggest fitment, so you have to have your car there to mock up tire/wheel placement. Mine is at the bodyshop, so no love for me now.


    BTW, nice redo of your site Bart.



  13. Honestly, I wasn't looking to start a what's up with Ross thread. I just was finally able to get my new wheels and wanted to talk with him about adapters.


    Happy days are almost here. I saw the Z at the body shop and they are laying down the first bits of color - jambs, engine bay, wheel wells, etc.


    They should have it back to me by next friday for suspension and some assembly of doors, hatch, hood etc. and then final coat!


    Gonna look good!



  14. Guys:


    Anyone in touch with Ross up at MML? I've sent a couple of emails to him regarding adapters and haven't gotten any word back. I recognize that he has the other job and such, but I was hoping to hear from him. Before I go spend money with a non-Z vendor, I want to go to him.


    Anybody in beautiful BC able to get word to him for me?






  15. Jon:


    This caught my attention due to the fact that I just purchased what I guess is being referred to as a staggered setup. I'm now running 225/45/17 in the front and 245/45/17 in the rear. The reason was to get a little more meat for traction. In your experience, will that little of a stagger make that much of a difference (as far as understeer goes) for an occasionally autocrossed car? According to the tire salesman, the difference was an inch and a quarter in width.


    Thanks for your insight.




  16. Ernie:


    Thanks again for always being willing to entertain my questions about body work/painting. Like the others, I've always appreciated your willingness to share information. If you are ever back over in the Arkansas area, get in touch with either myself (NWA area) or Terry (Little Rock area) for a little AR hybridZ time.



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