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  1. CRAP!!! I missed it !!!!!!! Is there anywhere on the web I can find it? I have scanned my cable and it doesnt look like they will rerun the episode anytime this week!!! AARRGGGGG!!!!!!!
  2. LOL... Beer drinkin'?? I never seed no beer guzzlin' like a Yankee guzzles it..LOL I prefer ho'made muhself.. Cuzin kissin'??? Have you SEEN my cuzin...whew** man damn! she is HOTT !!! you'd kiss her too! Can't make no livin cuz dem damn Yankees and surfer punks keep movin in and takin all the good jobs.. illegals get the rest! Dam Kaliforniuns started workin' then immigrants and actually payin em cash muny!!! We had our labor sitiashun worked out fer room 'n vittles ...dammit!
  3. I just picked up the phone and called Dad, he is 70 now and we don't do as much toggether as we used too...I reminded him of the story and he got a good long laugh out of it... Pop said...."Remember...To be old and wise..you must first be young and stupid" !! Gonna miss that Ol' man someday..
  4. I bought a 64 Ranchero off a farm 60 miles from home a few years ago. Dad and I used a chain through a pipe as a towbar... Pipe keeps the two cars from hitting eeeeach other if you mess up.... We were on the interstate rolling right along about 60 when the floor gave way and the seat hit the highway... I had no lights, horn etc... Dad had settled in and wasnt paying much attention since the last 40 miles had been easy... So here I am, gripping the wheel with both feet braced on either side of whats left of the floorpan...seat dragging the highway and sparks flying out from under the ranchero.
  5. You never know.... With national exposure on PINKS Barney may have found a serious backer... be cautious!
  6. I wish I could be there but Indy is just to far and with my back, I'm no help. I'm with ya in spirit!!! Best of luck!
  7. Gotta have fresh gas, mix in a little seafoam fuel cleaner. Drain the carb bowl too if you can. If it has been sitting long you may have to rebuild the carb to get it started. Pull the plug, clean it and check it for fire by grounding it against the motor, or just have your buddy hold it in his hand and spin it over. If he jumps, its firing..LOL
  8. Thats sad...rare 2 door car..what a waste
  9. Quality of a head is somewhat dependant of what your needs are. Know what kind of flow you'll need for your Cam,intake,exhaust combination and see if the numbers work for your individual combo. Many people dont need all of the flow they buy.... but many also want to consider quality for future growth in their projects. Beware of "as cast" heads sold on ebay and other websites as this means they havent had any of the necesary cnc machine work and milling to be productive..
  10. too nice to not keep original... I usually don't feel that way but as scarce as nice 240zs are I'd say keep it original.
  11. Same here, reddish necked and Cherokee...LOL
  12. F150 = best truck for lowest price w/good tow capacity and brakes. DO NOT BUY the 4.2 v6(junk) or the 5.4 v8(gashog) stick with the 4.6 v8. I haul mine with a 91 Explorer 4x4 5spd 4.0 with no worries. I use 4x4 lowrange on ramps and it gives you good pull and good clutch control.
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