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  1. car still for sale? the photobucket pics didnt come up. If you could please email to jbehuniak@yahoo.com

  2. Last session (dynojet) 331whp/332tq at 15psi on 91 octane. Plenty of room for more timing with race fuel and of course increasing boost.
  3. Yes, the engine would be included for $7500. I intended to keep the drivetrain for another project (and I am still happy to do so). I have not removed anything yet. If it's purchased as a roller, I'll pull the engine and trans within a day or two of the check clearing.
  4. Everything listed in the first post plus: Engine......... Stock L28 turbo short block P90 head Delta cam Schnieder springs, light port work. BHJ damper 550 RC injectors PT61 T4 turbo( GT35R compressor wheel, P trim .58 hot side) 35mm WG Cockpit adj boost Supra intank pump feeding a surge tank with a Walbro. MSnSe Tilton 7.25" twin disc clutch (sintered metal discs) Tilton flywheel Late 5 spd 3.9 LSD
  5. Don't let that stop you, I can deliver it to southern California .
  6. Several people have asked if the car is still together and if I would sell it complete. It is still together (except for the front fenders and airdam). I would sell everything for $7500.00. It has been dyno tuned, fires right up, idles and runs great. Ready for a track day after the front end is fitted. Additional changes to note: Clutch is now a Tilton 7.25" twin disc (Tilton flywheel). Gear reduction starter 280yz frontend has been traded for a 940z frontend. Fits the front wheels perfectly. Title has an Arizona restored salvage brand on it.
  7. Not that I know of, closest thing would be an FA rain tire.
  8. It does have a title now, thanks.
  9. Yes I would sell it without the front end kit. Open to offers on some or all of it. Really just need the shell to go away, don't want another car in the garage.
  10. It's an R1, I bought it used (craigslist).
  11. Track day, time attack car with the following parts removed: engine, engine management, transmission and clutch, radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, exhaust system. Yes this was Clifton's car, please don't contact him, I'm sure he does not want to sell his car twice. Specs (mostly borrowed from original post): Interior....... Full cage Autometer tach and gauges Toggle switches are on aircraft breakers Sparco Ultra seat 3.9 LSD (R200) Suspension........ Shortened front struts Koni's front and rear. Coil overs 500f/ 450r. I have another pair of 500 and 375. Camber plates (AZC weld-in all around) Adjustable front arms AZC Chromo rear arms 15/16" front bar Wilwoods f/r (Superlite 4 piston fronts, Dynalite 4 piston rears, aluminum hats all around) Wilwood in-car proportioning valve Wheels/tires....... 3 piece Keizer 15x10 F, 15x14 R, 4 lug Body....... Fiberglass rear flares FG hood FG hatch w/ lexan FG doors Additional parts I added: CF rear wing with custom built mounting brackets, ARP wheel studs, fresh AVON take-offs in excellent sticky condition. Additional parts included: 280yz front end (fenders and airdam), Original fenders and headlight buckets included (original airdam is gone) $5500.00
  12. Yes a 7.25" Tilton cover can be built as a single, dual or triple disc. The cover is mounted on stands (perches?) and the discs are stacked with plates in between. More discs = longer perches = taller clutch assembly. Buy the disc(s) with the correct spline for your trans and choose the friction material. Tilton makes a couple different friction materials and I've been told that the Clutch Masters 7.25 discs work as well (unverified). Sorry can't help on V8 flywheel/flexplate compatibility..
  13. Case in point: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TILTON-OT-II-CLUTCH-153-TOOTH-FLYWHEEL-NASCAR_W0QQitemZ390132409542QQcmdZViewItemQQptZRace_Car_Parts?hash=item5ad5b424c6
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