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  1. Those bumpers would look great on my car! It looks like you need at least 1 rear hatch strut, it not 2 struts. I will trade you a pair of rear hatch struts for a pair of bumpers.
  2. Does anyone have a source for a stock S30 speedometer cable? I have tried nismoparts.com, zcarparts, and all the Canadian Nissan dealers, but none available.
  3. If you only change the front brakes to the S12+8 calipers, then the stock 260Z master cylinder is fine. Or at least it is on my car. The 280ZX master cylinder (15/16" piston) is the next step up from the 260/280Z master cylinder (7/8" piston).
  4. Just pulled my invoice from MM, dated 9/5/2007. Prices may have changed. All prices quoted in US$ Billet 6061 aluminum rotor spacer, one pair, for use with 240Z hubs and vented Toyota 4x4 calipters. Includes 4x4 240Z high grade rotor hardware. $118.80 Note: I changed the order from 240Z to 280Z with no change in price. Price does not include shipping. I basically deleted everything else from the kit to only get the spacer(s).
  5. I looked through the Porterfield catalog, and found that the pads for a 86 - 95 RX7 5 bolt hubs are ALMOST the same size as the Toyota truck pads. The RX7 pads (Porterfield AP331) are 4.18 inches across, while the toyota pads (Porterfield AP137) are 4.21 inches across. Has anyone tried RX7 pads in the Toyota S12-8 calipers?
  6. The spacer from MM comes in 2 widths, depending on your hubs. 240Z need a thicker spacer (16mm ??) while the 260Z and 280Z take a 9mm spacer. Modern Motorsports supplies the correct spacer with the correct length and grade of bolts to install the rotor to the hub with the spacer in between. I installed this spacer on my 260Z with the vented toyota S12-8 calipers and '84 300ZX rotors with no problems.
  7. Could you measure the length of the cylinder on the H4 oil pump? I have an H2 oil pump, and would be interested in comparing the length of the cylinders.
  8. L13,14,16,18,20 all will take the standard Six Cylinder Bellhousing and the tranny will sit correctly. Tony, I have owned L13, L16, L18, L20 engines, but I have never heard of the L14 engine. What did the L14 come in?
  9. On the street car with the 1/2" increase in LCA length the camber was about -1 degree. On the rally car with the 1" increase in LCA length the camber was about 0 degrees, which was an improvement over the positive camber, as my increased ride height gave me about 9 3/4" of ground clearance at the front crossmember.
  10. I took 4 LCA's, (2 for each side), cut them near the middle, and them welded the longer halfs back together, so that the total length was 1/2" longer than the original LCA. Also built 2 LCAs this way for my rally car that were 1" longer. Never had a problem with either set of LCAs. Easy way to get more negative camber (or less positive camber).
  11. Only the rear wheel studs from a Quest will work. Then fronts have a larger diameter.
  12. I coil spring is not in tension or compression, it is in torsion. Cut 1/2 coil at a time only as JMortensen recommends.
  13. Bolts for the banjo fittings are M18 x 1.5, the o-rings are Nissan part #21334-R2400 for the large one, and #21311-V0700 for the small one.
  14. There are 2 o-rings in the adapter. The large o-ring seals the adapter to the block, and is Nissan part 21334-R2400. The small o-ring is inside the adapter, seals the bolt that goes through the adapter, and is Nissan part 21311-V0700. I got both of these o-rings from the Nissan dealer in Dearborn, Superior Nissan.
  15. See post #43 of this thread, drawing courtesy of zcarnut (Steve Golik).
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