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  1. I can't say I agree with this comment at all. Everyone I know in the Autobody profession thinks they work in the best shop and of course no one else is as good as there painter. That being said, Keep pushing yourself to the outter limits if needed to achieve what you want. Rome wasn't built in a day and your paint job desires will take time as well. I've been at it for 31 years now, and I can still pick up on a new trick here and there. Your never too old learn or try something new and different. I was going to say something about KY at this point, but decided I could't knock the whole state for one silly comment.
  2. Explosion proof fans and lights are pretty much required by law when building a paint booth/ mixing room. Mainly for fumes/sparks. If you've never seen a paint room type fire before, I personnaly hope you never do. I've never seen anything go up so fast. While the DIY guy can get by with these types of set-ups, I hope you have some nice neighbors. If the Fire Marshall is called, get ready to take it all down ASAP, as this type of set-up at home, in your personal space, whatever, is sooooo illegal in I would geuss all 50 states. I don't mean to be a downer, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to hear of someone having a nasty fire destroy everything they've busted there hump on either. Either way, if it works, go for it, and good luck. By now I'm sure you probably figured out that I have the luxury of a Quality, Professional Facility at my disposal.
  3. First off, never follow one of these, always lead the way. Second, not a bad idea, hope you have some serious bodyman skills. Third, if you do it, post it, I want to see this.
  4. Well if you need one in VA, check me out at : Stans Collision and Refinishing Center 12838 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23608 757-877-1100 We don't have alot of space for much more then one at a time, but we will give High Quality attention to your project. Ask for John/ CandyBlue
  5. Targa Top, not such a good idea...IMO...The roof is a key part to the ridgeiness of the car. Did I spell that right? Anyway. get a good or better still, new roof skin and bond it to the original weld points with the latest sheetmetal adhesives...NO WELDING required, therefore no warped metal, and then Ta Da no body filler either. Check at your local body shop jobber for the details Ask abot Duramix, Norton, etc..These products realy work.
  6. If your gonna use Dupont paint products, the best thing to do is buy a quart of duponts wax and grease remover from the same guy thats suppling the paint. I use Glasurit/RM products everyday and think alot of the 900 degreaser, but why travel from one paint store to another for something as simple as degreaser?
  7. I've seen a couple 240s with the Euro Amber style tailights from MSA and I gotta say, I'd love to have em for my 260. There probably IMO better then original. Good Luck swapping if you do it!!!
  8. Having looked closely at this photo, it's clear to me that more then one color is blending into the other. It's an easy thing to do, when your mixing your own colors, and you have your own paint mixing system. Ive done it several times myself with nice results and it will take some of the pressure off of getting the "Perfect Line". By changing the colors hue or effect, depending upon the colors you choose, creates an illussion to the eye that just won't allow your eyes to pick up the diffrence from one color to the next. Unless of course you step on the air line while trying to go from one end of the car to the other, it will be much easier to accomlpish. Just take a look at the next rainbow you see for natures perfect example of blending colors!!!
  9. Phil, you neglected to say what type of hardner/activator you are using. It may help in knowing wether or not your primer will dry overnight or at all. It may seem dry on top but remain soft underneath. The only way I know of testing it would be to try and dig at it with your fingernail. Sounds crazy, but if you find something soft with your fingernail now, you may have to start over again. If not, then the temperature and the hardner/activator will have probably done there jobs and you can continue on. Time will tell...Let me know what happens and I'll be happy to advise any way I can, John
  10. I just have to say something. I'm pretty tired already from looking at those pictures. The mud work, if you can call it that, looks like something done by a goofy backyard wannabe bodyman. Hope the replacement quarter panels will help U unload the excess weight in the rear of the car. And if it helps at all, I've done some finishing work on some patches that had been welded in by the inexperienced "I'm Trying to Save Money' owner. It was n't much fun, but it did make me a better bodyman and teach me alot about patience. Remeber, anybody can replace a fender, it takes a bodyman to remake it.
  11. IMO two tones turn the car into something a bit more Classy! Especially when devided along a body line. Pinstripes are a dated item these days. I'd leave those for another time when there "RETRO" like 2025. I LUV Blue, this body style wears it better then ever. If your hand and eyes allow you to make a fade as good as your example go for it...I don't think I've ever seen a Z done this way, let alone anything else very well. Good Luck and check out my thumbnail for a Candy Blue.
  12. I'm gonna try a couple recent, but not very well lit pics here for now. I'll try the album thing when I get some better snaps.
  13. I show mine more then drive daily, so reinforcing the back end wasn't even considered. Good thought though! Hope I never have to find out how much more damage could be done.
  14. SATA is by far the best. I still apply BC with my 95 series gun and I have a 92 series gun that some would "KILL FOR" but I'm not tellin where that is. I also spray with the IWATA LPH400, (ClearCoat Only). The SATA can' t touch it for performance and the abilty to lay down just about any brand of CC on the market. It's also about 150/200 bucks cheaper then SATA. So it's worth looking into. The IWATA Co. is also known to produce some ass kickin airbrushes as well.
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