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  1. Cool! If I hadn't already done mine, I would purchase it! Highly recommend anyone considering this job buy it immediately!
  2. Yeah that's what prompted the comment, I used to work in a factory running a press for this type of item, and they look pretty hot off the press. (lenses are actually uncomfortably warm when they come out of the machine)
  3. Could almost make the tooling to produce new lights for that price...
  4. Are you kidding? That's loud as HELL.
  5. Surprisingly, there are no bids.
  6. If you are unable to acquire the tool you can use a hydraulic press as well, it just requires removal of the A-arm/Control arm along with the strut assembly and probably a second person's assistance to balance things while setting up the press. I have found that a large socket 1/2" drive works to support the bottom of it, and you will want several dowels approximately the diameter of the spindle pin in 1" increments from 1-6" to use on the top to press the spindle out. If anyone wants I can take a few pictures when I do the other side.
  7. I think they were looking for an actual shop that does the work, not a place to buy cheap crap to stick on your car.
  8. Just posting to let you know I anxiously await each update! I'll soon be starting on my own project and I know I'll use a lot of what I learned by watching you work!
  9. Hah! that is awesome! Fortunately the car is now in the hands of someone who's not dangerously inept.
  10. Keep up the good work! My car will look like yours in a month or 2 if I can get the tools I need. I'll need all the inspiration and motivation I can get!
  11. 7 hours to remove it? Man that's a long time to unplug some wiring and unbolt a transmission. Tell him you'll roll in there and yank that thing yourself!
  12. West River Collision in Comstock Park, MI. They did Minor Work on my friend's new corvette. Also Dubois body shop in Grand Rapids, they redid the rear bumper cover on his girlfriend's mazda3.
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