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  1. Why don't you find a reputable tuner in your area that is familiar with the software and boosted applications and see if he can workout your boost issues! You're so freakin close man! I hate seeing ppl give up just cuz of a frustration. Its not running right for a particular reason....once u figure the problem out its going to be a nasty a$$ Z straight up. I feel u need to take a break from wrenching and getting worked up about it, go do something outside of workon in the Z, then try to jump back in to tuning. Read up on tuning, call tuners and ask for any input they might have. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!! I have faith, especially when we see ur fab skills with a $200 welder. lol Anyways, take care and good luck with whatever path you choose...
  2. All you need to do is paint that from mesh grill black and it will look 1000x better. Other than that...i love it. Good job
  3. Thanks guys! appreciate the comments! -Kev
  4. I feel it's coming along quite nicely... Can't wait to buy a Z though...still miss mine... Anyways, thanks guys! -Kevin
  5. There was actually a show on Spike TV (Musclecar) where they created their own fender flares for a mustang they were going to track. They used the Blue foam from wherever (floral store or home depot), and stated that you can use anything to create the shape you want; i.e. any type of foam, sheet metal, cardboard, WHATEVER gets you the shape you are looking for. The only thing you need to worry about is a release agent. They actually used aluminum foil as their "release agent." They got the flare to a shape they liked, wrapped the foam in aluminum foil, then started laying fiberglass over it. They had stated they did 3 layers of fiberglass for strength. (Oh, and on a side note, they were testing different glues out to try and find something that would allow the blue foam to stick to itself so they could get some depth to the flares. They tried, I believe, 5 or 6 different glues out and finally found one that would actually hold the foam. They didn't 'tell' the viewers what glue they ended up with, but I'm 99% sure they found that the "Gorrilla Glue" ended up working the best. You can get this stuff at Kragen Autoparts or wherever.) I have never fiberglassed before but it honestly didn't look too hard. Set the foam up on your fender then start sanding away to shape it into something you are looking for. Once they had their mold glassed, thats when they started to sand, fill with kitty hair fiberglass, sand more, then bondo, sand, bondo more, sand more, etc. I'm sure it is a very tedious process of sanding and filling, but the end result will be worth it if you just take your time. Also, one last side note (I swear), the guys creating the flares also molded in bolts to their flare so all you need to do is drill a hole in the fender, and throw a washer and nut on the other end. Looks clean and took no time to do.
  6. http://www.venus-auto.com for us Cali people! Got SR20's, RB26's, 2JZ's, etc. Full front clips. Just thought i'de throw that up. -Kevin
  7. gotta love the shocker.... Damn that thing sounds wonderful...can't wait to hear the T88 spool! Good job!!!!!!! -Kevin
  8. I'm with Allen on this one. What is causing those small explosions to occur? I mean I can assume that its backfiring...but I've never seen a backfire with that much power behind it...jesus. I'm guessing with his FI it is adding a little more exhaust flow along with the misfire? Who knows...but I do know those guys are pretty much jackasses. lol -Kevin
  9. probably to protect the finish on the metal from fabrication?
  10. I like! What are you using to create it? Flash? Dreamweaver?
  11. Nice ride! Mine is in my sig....definitely love my WRX.
  12. I've been doing my own powder coating for that last couple months in my oven at home. It's not hard at all, just sucks cuz you are limited to certain size items (aka....no rims). But i've been using my buddies powder coat gun that he bought off ebay, its jenky but sticks that powder to the metal! So far everything seems to bake evenly and solid. We have been doing parts for his car like his intake manifold, valve covers, etc. We put whatever base coat on, and for the items in plain sight, we usually throw a clear coat over them. Overall works good!
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