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  1. i'm suprised the fruit didn't make the jeeps spin out when they drove over them.
  2. I have a stock 78 350 chevy with a 2 barrel carb and I checked the pressure in all of the cylinders today and the #1 cylinder was a 80 psi and the rest were at 120-150. I also have oil pressure just about always between 18-30 psi which is kinda low. My question is do I have a blown head gasket or a worn out cylinder. I'm hoping to just have a blown head gasket which would explain just one bad cylinder but I dont have much experiance with building engines to diagnose on my own. Any thoughts on how to better diagnose the problem. Joe
  3. GRRRR It looks so good I wish I thought of it. I can't wait to see it in paint.
  4. 78 l28 with 5 speed trans and wireharness $300 runs great. pulled to swap 350 chevy
  5. I'm looking for 2 Enkei 92 16x8 0 offset mesh wheels. I've got some curb damage on mine and I'm looking to replace them. or maybe sell the set I have. Joe
  6. It looks freaking sweet. good Job
  7. Have you checked to see how much oil was in it? If its low it will act that way.
  8. I have a complete motor and trans in virginia
  9. I just bought an 09 Jetta TDI and I love it. It basically comes fully decked out with options and has a turbo. Plus it gets 40-50 mpg!!. I suggest as an option
  10. This car is listed on WWW.reactionresearch.com Perhaps it is one of theirs?
  11. I have a 78 350 with cast iron heads. The motor was rebuilt and then sat for several years. I threw it in to the z and it fired right up. The problem I'm having is that it looses power after a couple of trips. I changed the spark plugs and found that the #3 and #6 plugs have lots of oil and build up on them while the rest are white. I did a compression test with the motor cold and found I had 175-180 psi in both. This leads me to believe that it is the valve seals. What do you guys think? Is there an easy way to fix this? Joe
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