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  1. Yes Tony the one on eBay was mine. I lost some money on it. Just received another in the mail.
  2. I have two very nice SK surge tanks if you're looking to diversify.
  3. I'm sorry I've been so swamped. Shoot me a text for photos 762-215-3351
  4. Zracer I will need to double check them tomorrow to check your stud reference. ITG is sold.
  5. I truly apologize everyone. Work has been crazy the past couple weeks. I believe I have replied to all messages. I have also updated the ad with sold items, dropped prices, etc. Shipped prices are within US only. I will reply to comments in the order they were received. Thanks
  6. Equal length studs. I only have 6 pairs left. Itg filter housing and back plate are in good shape.
  7. SpeedStar Racing Watanabe RS-8 14x7 14x6.5 Offset is right around +10 New Federal SS595 205/60/14 Approximately 200 miles Located at 80906 Amazing grip for a street tire. These wheels are not 100% perfect. I disassembled the wheels, ultrasonic cleaned all hardware. The faces were sandblasted and painted with black wheel paint. The lips were hit with three stages of emery cloth, then 400 and 600 grit. Followed by some Nyalox action and the buffing wheel, here they are. The wheels have nicks and scratches but no major damage. One wheel had a weld repair; not noticable unless you stare really hard. Another wheel suffered three small bends from a local tire shop (jackasses). I would be willing to have the bends repaired on my end, depending on the terms of the deal. There is no curb damage. The center caps and valve stems are brand new, costing over $150 alone. $1000 shipped.
  8. All turn signal lenses are sold. I will check my garage today to see how many pairs of exterior door handles I have left. They are not OEM.
  9. Photos can be seen in my ebay ad: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-73-Datsun-240z-Splash-Pan-Belly-Pan-Powdercoated-/391732199220?hash=item5b350eff34:g:iCQAAOSw4CFYo-iC&vxp=mtr
  10. Sorry I don't have access to a desktop right now. Curtball check ebay for my ad, datzun86.
  11. FOR SALE Spring Cleaning 80906 1991 OG Nardi Classic w/ elusive horn button SOLD Authentic Mikuni 44mm air horns $40 each as-is, $50 each polished Like new AZC 4bbl intake $250 shipped Never seen gas Holley 390cfm needs choke $250 shipped NISMO NOS rubber insulators $50/pair shipped Fully refinished round top SUs $400 shipped Fully refinished and rebuilt Mikuni 40phh on L16/L18/L20b JDM intake SOLD Like new K&N triple carb air filters $125 shipped Sanyo Kiki SK blow-through surge tank fully refinished, brand new class 12 hardware, fresh red wrinkle coat $1100 shipped New 240z turn signal lenses with new gaskets $40 shipped/pair SOLD New S30 door handles $40 shipped/pair [2 sets remaining] New S30 upper thermostat housing $10 shipped New repro 240z taillights with new gaskets SOLD New 240z front brake hoses $10 shipped/pair New 240z OEM style fuel filter $10 shipped Two Libre 14x5.5 wheels $150 shipped/pair ITG Triple Carb air filter, needs foam replaced SOLD Brown inner taillight panel. No cracks, complete $75 shipped S30 Locking gas cap SOLD Like new Innovate Wideband (like new, 300 miles of use, includes Bosch o2 sensor) SOLD New Nissan S.U. nozzles $175 shipped/pair ($244/pair at Courtesy Nissan) New Facet Gold-Flow Solid State Electric Fuel Pumps (Part # 477060E) Maximum pressure 4.0 psi Maximum flow 34 gallons per hour 1/8 NPT female ports Negative ground (12v) only Internal 74 micron filter Price is $98+ shipping at Pegasus My price $60 shipped New HF 2.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner $50 shipped SOLD 2002 NISMO Catalog $15 shipped 240z OEM splash pan SOLD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy two parts, save 10% off lowest part. Buy three parts, save 20% off lowest part....it keeps going. Buy 10 parts, get one free! Ask about my carb rebuild/refinish service.
  12. Doesn't need to be pretty. The cheaper the better. I will pay more for a Japanese made intake.
  13. I found the 4th Rays Volk center cap. Make offers. I need the space.
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