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  1. Just riding you, Im not looking forward to bodyshop or paint jail. I'm sure you want to do the right thing and put us out if our misery as soon as you can. Just try not to promise to get the pic's if you are to busy with life. On anouther note your sig has two white z's, twin cars for twin boys, you have more to worry about than a slow bodyshop.
  2. Oh the teasing just keeps going on and on. I know we all have to work, but this is a longest two day shift I have heard of. ..... Just hoping for pics soon .....
  3. No banning required, I just wanted an update with promised pic's.
  4. That is coool. I mean the ice on the road, but no doubt it took talent.
  5. I'd go for one in fg with the tappered sides if your going to build it. Dave
  6. Hey, just wondering how they started it. Was the ignition damaged or do you think they used a key because the ignition was worn? Could be a valuable lesson for all of us. Glad you got it back! Hopefully insurance will be good to you. Dave
  7. Best line in the movie " 600hp on leafsprings .......... ARE YOU MAD"? and "you'd not trade in you wife if she got sick for a newer model" British humour gotta love it! That was a great movie worth the buffering all the way
  8. Our prayers are with him and you as a good friend!
  9. Bob, do you have any updates? I hope the Merc slide works on the tension side, would a simple idler on the slack side (where you finger is in the photo) be enough to keep the chain from jumping a tooth. I am watching this biuld with much interest. Dave
  10. Are you still running yours with the triples? I am glad mine has a proper balance tube.
  11. Can you post photos of this setup?
  12. Daeron, I am sure this is not a typical set up all custom. Healeys and Jags came OEM with triple Su's and they were spaced to allow for the floats in the normal placement. I had a triple carb 240 built like this in the early 80's that I am not sure how I am still alive with how I drove it. I am not sure if this is the same manifold that I used to own, but like you said it will be a sweet stealth triple Su L28 by the spring time.
  13. Thanks Cockerstar. The real nice thing about it is the outside carbs are at the same distance apart as the original set up. I am planning on cutting a hole in the center of the air cleaner base, and mounting the original air cleaner on the triples.
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