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  1. QUITE a bit of work you got there buddy. It should be worth it tho....
  2. Here is mine about a couple months ago or so
  3. That is not my signature. Mr7?? Yeah they do look good. I am actually putting on 17" MR7's with 225/45/R17 rubber this weekend maybe. For now, they are white unlike the gunmetals that are on there now. This thread is awesome guys! Keep 'em coming!!
  4. Another S130 fan checking in!! Been on this board for a while now but just lurking around. 1980 280zx T-tops 2-seater manual tranny When I first got her on craigslist.. Body work almost done and pretty much the way she sits now.. Front wheel drive Motegi Mr7 with 1.25" adapters Historic plates on it now
  5. 1975 and older vehicles are emissions exempt. 1976 and newer require smog certificates upon registration.
  6. pretty sure it is your battery. Try getting another good battery from another vehicle and install it into your Z. If it runs, then you need another battery.
  7. MOTEGI MR7's I take it:mrgreen: ?? That looks hawt!! At least I know how my mr7's will look on my Z:2thumbs:
  8. That would be great, except you gonna pay our tickets to come down there?? haha, J/K. BTW Nice ride!!!
  9. I know it is a totally different vehicle, but, I had the same thing hsppen to me in my honda. It turns out that I did not properly set my timing. I fixed this problem by reseting timing for the third time and it solved my problem. Also, my ICM has seen better days I'm sure. Hope this helps.
  10. Awesome place to hang around even when I am at work!! Dang military guys!!
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