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  1. I own the red one in the top post, found in southern Missouri...for sale if anyone want a complete roller, no engine but trans is still there, someone stole the wheels from the picture...
  2. 2Zowner

    WTB: 1972 Clutch Pedal/Box

    I have a full pedal box for $160 shipped my email is babyblue280z@outlook.com
  3. 2Zowner

    260Z in need of an R200 with 3.54 gears

    I have one, $400 shipped to your door...PayPal is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  4. I have the 2 end pieces not the center piece, text me to my cell at 847-274-7088 I have pictures on my phone, They are rust free.
  5. have 2 am/fm radios with faceplates and will fit 74-78 Z cars, still searching for am radios and no 8 tracks...
  6. 2Zowner

    WTB p90 head.

    I have one taken apart but have all pieces...
  7. 2Zowner

    2+2 inside upper door handle cup

    I have both boots NOS...
  8. his wife signed it for him, and his wife had the PayPal account, his account was probably banned from doing this to other people...so if he got it, then lied about getting it, why should I be penalized for his fuckup and have bad feedback. I communicated by email and he got it in 2 days from my location, 5 days after he paid for it
  9. I do have a couple, I'll see what I can do to power it up...I did only save ones that worked but they've been boxed for more than 10 years...
  10. I don't, but you can search for them from 87.5 to 89 300ax turbo cars...
  11. not at this time, check back in a couple of months...
  12. This ahole Thomas Patterson aka travlnman is a liar, thief, crook and a fraud. AS I've stated above....even PayPal sees this guy Thomas Patterson as a fraud, as they returned the money within less than 12hrs of my posting that travlnman is a fraud, tried and failed to steal from me....PayPal helps protect us sellers from people like this guy. If anything the moderators should do is ban people like travinman...I guess he thought he could beat any system and try to get his parts free...when you insure the package for more than the standard $100 FedEx requires a signature for release of the package...guess he forgot to ask the person that received the package if they signed for it...got caught by the tracking number from FedEx... MODERATORS: Please remove the negative feedback from this liar and thief, its been proven that he indeed got his parts the day before he posted his complaint, PayPal sided with me due to his apparent fraudulent activity and I shouldn't be punished for it by this prick!!!