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  1. I own the red one in the top post, found in southern Missouri...for sale if anyone want a complete roller, no engine but trans is still there, someone stole the wheels from the picture...
  2. I have a full pedal box for $160 shipped my email is babyblue280z@outlook.com
  3. I have one, $400 shipped to your door...PayPal is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  4. I have one taken apart but have all pieces...
  5. Have a 83 280zxt engine I'm in the process of pulling, my cell is 847-274-7088 ask for dave
  6. Need a good 75-76 280z gas tank...have cash need asap... my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com or cell is 847-274-7088 please send pictures either way...
  7. Friends with Z's are friends indeed!!

  8. I have one, pulled and boxed ready to go, my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com or send me a text message at 847-274-7088 gas tank is in Paducah KY 42001
  9. I have a Clifford manifold old stock not reproduction for $350 shipped, Paypal account email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  10. I have several factory radios if you are still looking, my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  11. I have several E88 and E31 heads available my email is Protecrete@outlook.com I'm located in Paducah KY, more you buy I can crate it and freight ship them for better security..
  12. 2Zowner

    S30 Radio

    have several if you still need one...
  13. have several cowl panels if you are still searching
  14. have all of them that you're looking for my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  15. I have several wiper cowl panels and one turn signal lense and housing buyaz2@hotmail.com
  16. (Also looking for a front metal fender DATSUN emblem, a good working column turn signal switch) I have both of these items my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  17. I have a good turbo oil pan for you, my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  18. Have the air flow meter in Paducah KY my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  19. I have a couple of sets, my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com send me an email and I'll send you pictures
  20. I have what you need my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com I can get you a picture of it but need your email. Its all there with a good mirror as well
  21. I have what you want, sent you an email with pictures
  22. I have a Datsun competition triple carb manifold plumbed for NOS setup complete with plumbing and Nitros bottle, you would need to buy 3 2bbl carbs...ran this setup on a 73 240z...was scary fast... email me for pictures buyaz2@hotmail.com
  23. I have a set with used lenses or new lenses... my email is buyaz2@hotmail.com
  24. UUHHH no they're not, had 78 280z seats in my 76 280z for over 10 years and they bolted right into place. Never changed the brackets from the bottom of the seat...240z brackets are different though... I've owned Z's for over 25 years so I believe I know what I'm talking about...but believe what you want...
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