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  1. vlan1

    wtb s30 with l28et

    Haniel buddy what happened? You stopped responding after I sent you the link to the picture album.
  2. vlan1

    Test Sig

    Sig Test
  3. vlan1

    Installing the 280YZ Wide-Body Kit

    That bad? Whenever I get around to the body of my Z the subtle Z was my favorite looking kit. If the parts are that much of a PITA I may just cross it off the list.
  4. The rears look nice. The rocker portion on the front is throwing me off though. I wonder if you could just trim that portion off and it still look okay.
  5. Will there be any pictures of the car with paint? just trying to get a better idea of the finished product.
  6. vlan1

    1972 240Z turbo *** SOLD***

    Didn't realize they were that cheap for so far. Was just looking at a non runner in houston only ~3 hours away and I was getting quotes of around $400. Have any pictures of the floor? That one picture of the dog leg its hard to tell if its surface only or its completely through and will need patching.
  7. vlan1

    1972 240Z turbo *** SOLD***

    Wish you were closer to Texas. This is right in the sweetspot for what I am looking for. GLWS!
  8. vlan1

    1977 Dastun 280 JCR Cal Z

    Just my .02 but the interior looks a little neglected and the engine bay looks messy and kinda dirty. If I was in the market to spend $15,000 on a Z I would expect these things to be in better condition. Then there is the fact that this body kit was designed in the 80's and times and styles have changed and people may no longer find them as appealing. Me personally the square headlights kills the whole thing.
  9. I know this thread is a few months old but came across it trying to find more info when trying to find out more info about these SU Throttle body replacements. http://www.extrudabody.com/servlet/the-299/Kit-cln--Datsun-L6-Twin/Detail Anyone here ran these before?
  10. While you do have some very valid points Tony , I'm not going to argue that. But the OP made no mention of a turbocharged setup, so I would have to assume without further info he is referring to a N/A setup. In all your experience have you seen somebody make 300whp NA with low enough compression or timing retarted enough to run 87 octane safely?
  11. Don't want to sound like a ****** but... unless you live in a remote area where only 87 Octane is available, why would you want to bother building a performance motor to run on 87? If it is a matter of the price difference maybe you should not be driving a classic car. But even so as the above poster alluded too, building a 300hp motor for low octane would cost quite a bit of money. Most likely more than the savings at the pump would cost you. Just my 2 cents.
  12. vlan1

    Fresh Meat From Md.

    Hey there, FNG here from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Figured I would drop in and introduce myself. I'm 23 and just bought a non-running 78 280z with an SU Carb conversion. I've always wanted a Z and finally brought one home today. I've been lurking on this site for awhile before I actually purchased the car. Not sure where exactly I wan't to go at this point, but I'm probably going for the L28ET swap.....but the SR20DET does sound quite tempting. I do love me some turbo power (Current D.D is a Mazdaspeed3). Anyways I look forward to daily sessions of trying to absorb as much as I can through this site by laying my head on the computer and sucking it up via osmosis. p.s Anybody else on this board from the Delmarva/Eastern Shore area?