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  1. This is an interesting topic for those of us that were fortunate enough to wind up with the 74s. I've located an early 74 with a good set of doors complete with regulators and glass. I'll be able to inform as to the fit on my late 74 soon.
  2. Thanks. Do those rears rub?
  3. Thanks for your response. How about tire size?
  4. Howdy, do you know what and where for the wheels? Thanks.
  5. Sweet hood! More pictures of car?
  6. Seems that as of Oct. of 07 it is available from www.wingswest.com Current price is $290.00.
  7. I see where you were coming from, though, Pop. As far as the XTs go... they are ugly as sin, but they are an engineering masterpiece. 0.29 drag coefficient, AWD, handle amazingly. I dunno, seems like this might be your answer.
  8. Very impressive body work! I hope you'll keep us up to date. 260Mopar
  9. I covetith thy Z. Just changed the color to see what the dirty old rat might look like with the same mods you've done. I hope that you don't take offense, if so, my apologies. 260Mopar
  10. Have you ever found a wing like this one? MSA sold it in the past but not anymore.
  11. Thanks for the reply. That is a wing that MSA carried in the past and it's even pictured in the catalog. There is no number or price for it anymore.
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