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  1. Jeff Winter at Ralley Sport in westminster. SCCA champion and engine builder. http://rallye-sport.com
  2. true scarabs are supposed to have the scarab badges and emblems. I don't think those came in the kit.
  3. Just received my renewal. $8k agreed with Roadside(hagerty plus $150) $149 coverage for $299 total. I had a friend that had a '77 280 he totaled and it was insured for $16k, he had no problems with them. Your choice if you want to get it repaired as long as it's less than the agreed coverage, how much less, I couldn't tell you. Make sure they didn't up the coverage above what it was from last year.
  4. This guy basically did it only with a 411 wagon. Also check out his other project on a 520 pickup. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/52056-misinformation-look-here-to-get-the-411/
  5. They will not be a direct bolt in. The pockets are different. Best to buy after market seatbelts. http://wescoperformance.stores.yahoo.net/seatbelts.html
  6. Looks like Paltech rebuilds them but use oem nissan throttle bushings. Ztherapy is ahead of the game with the sealed bearings.
  7. '82 280zx turbo, 4 spd auto, full tank of fuel, stock jacking tools. without driver. 3060#
  8. pulled flat tops off, sprayed brake cleaner through all the hard fuel lines. Nothing dirty came out, not bad with 28 yr old gas. Last week I went through the brakes and clutch lines. Cleaned all masters and reservoirs, rebuilt rear brake cylinders and bled the brakes, new fluid throughout. Car has been parked for 28 yrs and still has original paint.
  9. It might be Manuel's rack, but it isn't a manual r&p. You can see the hoses attached to the crossmember.
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