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  1. Where did you get your engine wedge? I was thinking about jdmmontreal they ask 4000$ for both tranny and engine.
  2. Hey wedge do you think the cost will be cheaper here in quebec to go for the z32 / rb26 combo or i should buy the rb25 trans right away?
  3. I wish i was in toronto how much did you pay for the engine?? Here in quebec we can pay 4000$ for the rb26 with rb25 tranny and the engne needs rebuild this is really annoying!!
  4. Price doesnt matter only expensive to pay for a name instead of quality you know!
  5. Thanks alot ztr, here in canada every engine needs a rebuild anyway and we pay 4000$ for them this is ridiculous but whatever..
  6. Why not using the n1 water pump ztr?
  7. Didnt search the right words, got my answer thanks.
  8. Hi guys, Searching for a fuel setup on the forum but all i get is new setup with new hardware. My question is simple, will i be able to run the original fuel setup of my 78 fuel injected 280z with an rb26 stock engine? What would be the cheapest option or parts to change to run it as is, even if i know i will have to relocate surge tank and everything? I am not planning to race this car in any kind of way the engine remains stock and i only get 10k$ ish to get the car running but i want to use the most of my budget for suspension and brakes. Thanks.
  9. Not glad to hear that, just bought the cxracing Not planning to track it but i like doing road trips!
  10. Just cap those holes for the front diff and go for a common rb swap ! Save time and money!
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