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  1. Your best bet is to use the "works" style fender flares instead of zg ones. They are 8cm per side wider. https://www.rhdjapan.com/marugen-shoukai-works-over-fenders-standard-type-s30-s31.html
  2. Iv also read that the foam deteriorates over time as well, and especially quickly when using e85. What do you mean by yield route for the material? I made a cardboard template for the maze idea, seems like it may work although im concerned that it may almost be overbaffeling. Ill probably have to put some water in it and slosh around to see what it reacts like. Was also thinking it would help to sump out the pickup area to make it the lowest point in the tank so fuel naturally pools up there. Maybe its overkill for a car thats going to be 90% street but i like to tr
  3. Im finally getting around to building my 240z's gas tank. I will be installing the hyper fuel tight fit in tank retrofit kit with 525 lph pump to eventually power e85 on for my rb26 as well as a speed hut fuel float sender. Now that I have the tank cut open I'd like to weld in some baffles. After searching around online there are a lot of different methods being used, Iv came up with a few of my own and would like to get some feedback on them before going ahead if possible. Right around the pickup Im thinking about a maze like this and surrounding the maze im thi
  4. Iv never heard of that brand MCA, anyone running it? What did you use for spring rate? Did you also upgrade to swift springs?
  5. I searched up a few videos on youtube of people using cantilever suspensions to get an idea of how loud it would be . Skip ahead to 9:26 in the video if the link doesn't already: https://youtu.be/L2FVxQjNXtA?t=566 To me that amount of sound while driving around town would be just ridiculious.
  6. How did it go with the BC racing coilovers? I'm considering a set of the BC racing DS for my car or possible the KW v3 depending on the price
  7. How did it go with the BC racing coilovers? I'm considering a set of the BC racing DS for my car or possible the KW v3 depending on the price
  8. I started thinking about the Heim joints after you mentioned it. There are a lot of them, 22 In the rear kit to be exact. If you planned on replacing those with the ridetech R joints it would cost you $1900 usd to buy enough of them. People seem to say they get contaminated pretty fast with dirt and road debris, would hate to have to be either cleaning or replacing that many of them. Iv always also wondered what the cabin noise would be like with the struts and joints being right behind you inside. I like loud engine and exhaust sound but little bumps and vibrations I'm not a fan of
  9. I'm very seriously considering to buy the track attack rear kit myself. I have to admit that the main reason for choosing it over other offerings is the coolness factor of the cantilever setup in the trunk. My car will be probably 90% driven on the street but id still like to have the best quality components. If it wasn't for the trunk setup I think it would be an easy choice to go with the invincible extremes kit. I am wondering if it is completely necessary to also run the track attack front kit in conjunction with the rear kit in order for the car to be properly balanced. Would
  10. Any progress on your build? I'm local to Vancouver as well and would love to come by and check it out. I'v got an rb26 swapped 240z project slowly going and would be nice to get some inspiration
  11. Awesome thanks, Any issues with starvation after installing it?
  12. Im thinking about doing this to my 240z tank as well. Would you guys be able to share any further pics and info regarding the installation? The pics on the thread dont work anymore.
  13. Any gloss carbon parts can be re cleared with a matte or satin clearcoat to get that "dry" effect your looking for.
  14. awesome definantly going to buy a set of these. at first I tried using a punch and they didn't really move, then I used a slide hammer and they came right out!
  15. I would suggest rs watanabe but im not sure if they make 17" wheels.
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