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  1. Awesome thanks, Any issues with starvation after installing it?
  2. Im thinking about doing this to my 240z tank as well. Would you guys be able to share any further pics and info regarding the installation? The pics on the thread dont work anymore.
  3. Any gloss carbon parts can be re cleared with a matte or satin clearcoat to get that "dry" effect your looking for.
  4. awesome definantly going to buy a set of these. at first I tried using a punch and they didn't really move, then I used a slide hammer and they came right out!
  5. I would suggest rs watanabe but im not sure if they make 17" wheels.
  6. I used the z32 trans in my setup with 3 litres of liqui moly 75 w90
  7. I was thinking of buying some ebay dump pipes for my 240z rb26 project, was wondering if anyone is or has attempted running these on their cars? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R32-R33-R34-GTR-RB26DETT-Turbo-Dump-Pipes-Turbo-Outlet-Elbow-/230925199262?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item35c436e79e Its hard to tell from the pictures if these are going to take up much more space than the oem dumps, there is not a lot of extra room between the dumps and the steering shaft as is. The ebay post says that they are for rhd cars only but I don't think that means a lot to hybrid z members lol. Any opinions would be appreciated. -kevin
  8. I would also be interested in a set of adaptors if the price is right.
  9. 3 and a half hour nightmare taking these damn gaskets off the ITBs!!!!

  10. Hey after doing this mod does the shifter sit nice in the shifter hole of a 240z or is it closer to the back of the hole? How does the feel of the shifter's throw and everything feel compared to before doing the mod?
  11. Is it nessesary to have the oil temperature and oil pressure sensors mounted for the engine to run properly? or is it only realy for using them for gauges? If so would it be possible to mount them after the block adaptor using a T fitting before or midway along the braided line leading to the remote oil filter plate? Im just finishing up planning out my remote oil filter setup. I found a thread very helpful for remote filter setup. http://www.freshalloy.com/archive/index.php/t-126849.html Couple of main things to take from that thread are: Nissan part # 15213-21001 will give you a thread that you can put into your RB block to attach a spin on adaptor to.the thread will look something like this. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w129/r25558/RB26Buildup056.jpg Earl's 1178ERL can be used in conjunction with the above part#
  12. Doesnt the z32 trans use shifter linkage and place the shift lever in an aqward position?
  13. pm'd. Hey im actually in vancouver, i bought a whole running gtr for just over $2000. approx how much do they cost? Hey my car is a red 72 240z. Im still in the process of putting things together so i havn't driven it yet. I live in vancouver but the car is at my shop in burnaby. Are you running an rb? if so would be great to meet up some time so i could ask you a few questions . I looked on ebay for 300zx trans, the price is basicly the same as an rb25 unit so if going that route i may as well get a 25 trans. Is there actually any negative aspect of using the 26 trans other than a bit of extra weight and length?
  14. I have been searching for an rb25 rwd tranny locally (in canada) to use in my rb26 240z swap and have found nothing but rediculiously high prices, one guy quoted me $1800 for just tranny lol. There are currently a few trannys on ebay for about $700 + probably $200 shipping that i could buy but its also a bit high. There is a local guy out here that Iv been talking to that says he could take my awd tranny and cut off the transfer case and weld it up to make it a rwd only application for $250. I did a bit of research and it seems like its been done before and works. Would like to ask you guys if once the transfer case is cut off are there any major differences in this tranny and the rb25 one, specificly in size, weight and length? I bought a complete car to get the engine from and Iv test drove it many times down the back alley lol, and the tranny shifts properly so atleast i know everything is already working. Are there any reasons why i shouldn't go this route that i havnt thought of?
  15. Would be pretty amazing to see this done. Would haveto warn you about potential costs though. Im coming from the BMW world and these engines are rediculously expensive to mod. Not kidding dude even just a set of aftermarket headers for this motor costs over $6,000! im currently putting an rb26 into my 71 240z and im amazed at how much cheaper rb parts are than m3 stuff, i would guess its about 1/3 the price for amost all the parts iv had to buy so far.
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