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  1. Where did you get your engine wedge? I was thinking about jdmmontreal they ask 4000$ for both tranny and engine.
  2. Hey wedge do you think the cost will be cheaper here in quebec to go for the z32 / rb26 combo or i should buy the rb25 trans right away?
  3. I wish i was in toronto how much did you pay for the engine?? Here in quebec we can pay 4000$ for the rb26 with rb25 tranny and the engne needs rebuild this is really annoying!!
  4. Price doesnt matter only expensive to pay for a name instead of quality you know!
  5. Thanks alot ztr, here in canada every engine needs a rebuild anyway and we pay 4000$ for them this is ridiculous but whatever..
  6. Why not using the n1 water pump ztr?
  7. Didnt search the right words, got my answer thanks.
  8. Hi guys, Searching for a fuel setup on the forum but all i get is new setup with new hardware. My question is simple, will i be able to run the original fuel setup of my 78 fuel injected 280z with an rb26 stock engine? What would be the cheapest option or parts to change to run it as is, even if i know i will have to relocate surge tank and everything? I am not planning to race this car in any kind of way the engine remains stock and i only get 10k$ ish to get the car running but i want to use the most of my budget for suspension and brakes. Thanks.
  9. Not glad to hear that, just bought the cxracing Not planning to track it but i like doing road trips!
  10. Just cap those holes for the front diff and go for a common rb swap ! Save time and money!
  11. Go for mckinney and dont waste your life, its a litlle bit costly but way far from the headaches you would get without them!
  12. Malade le gros, je commence mon projet rb26 cet été j'ai trop hate!! Nissan for the win!! Tes de quel coin ont pourrais se donner des infos ou des advices si sa te dit Au plaisir de se jaser a+
  13. i still have issues with pictures i can see the small icons but nothing happens when i click on them, i use firefox.
  14. Well thanks alot, i hope this guy come up here to show me some pictures of it haha
  15. Is there a way that the rear cover light of a 240z will fit a 280 rear taillight assembly? 240z are hard to find and taillights looks awesome but if i find a 280 i want to know if this thing is possible to convert thanks.
  16. Hi, My question is simple, will i get more problems fitting an RB engine in my 260z 4 seater than any other z or the engine bay remains the same except theres 2 more seats in the back?
  17. Still looking for a car shell, 240, 260, 280z before 78' near montreal or anywhere in quebec!
  18. What about the awd how did you handle it? Did you keep all the orginial suspension from the z or you switched them with the skyline shell?
  19. pm sent i have time all this week and next week to go in montreal, let me know when and what you have to offer
  20. I want to start from a clean shell maybe with rust because we are in canada, for now i want to put 3000$ or less i saw a couple ones but theyre vgas and need pieces, dont know if i have to bid on them or not but a clean shell with all the parts thats what im looking for. I want to build my own style, not starting with something already done.
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