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  1. NC folks I recommend this shop for people in the east of the state. They seem pretty knowledgable about Z engines and did some quite beautiful head work for me recently. Disclosure before you click the link, they're based in Richlands (or Jacksonville, depending on who you ask), which is about 45 miles from the coast. They're pretty friendly to boot. P&M Perfmormance Racing Engines: http://gofastmotors.com/ Edit: fixed misspelling
  2. I've got one on my '79. The PS came with the car when I bought it used and I don't know if it's been modified, but the clearance is pretty tight in there. I do know it was a damn tribulation trying to get my fingers in there to loosen the bolts under the heat shield when I removed the header from the engine for a cylinder head polish. Maybe that's with any header on these cars though haha
  3. Check out the silver/blue two-tone. You can see mine a little in my profile pic, but there's more on Google images. I think it was called "Manhattan two-tone" or something. Otherwise, silver's always safe. And I personally think bright colors always look great on these, such as a bright, vibrant Ferrari red. I'm color shopping now too, using Gran Turismo 5 to try different ones.. painting the in-game car till I find a good color. It works surprisingly well haha
  4. Nice!!! It's great to see someone racing an S130. PLEASE post some numbers once it's all sorted
  5. I don't have extremely wide feet but unless you have high arches like I do, I'd check out the chucks. Asics are nice but the soles seem to be offset from the rest of the shoe, weirdly. It's a shame because they're damned comfy.
  6. I ended up with these bad boys: http://images.rakuten.com/PI/0/1000/247615308.jpg They stopped making them, so I got a leftover pair for $20. They even have the names of famous race tracks pressed in the bottom hahaha. Comfy though.
  7. I got a buddy at a design school in Raleigh, and he wants to digitally model my 280ZX. The guy's in school for videogame/movie design, and this is all part of a project for a class he's taking. I've done some googling and forum searching, but I can't find what I'm looking for, at least not for free. Anyone got something like a technical drawing or blueprint of the car? BTW, I'll see if I can post a shot of the model when it's done.
  8. I'd be seriously interested in one for a 280ZX.. mine looks pretty rough. Sounds like that's not an option though.
  9. That is absolutely beautiful, one of the nicest I've seen.
  10. Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Skye get my vote. Damn shame they don't make them anymore.
  11. Let me explain that title up there. The other day I was returning a 328i to a dealership after a road test (I do auto reviews) and saw that my sneakers had left a terrible residue of gravel dirt and Gawd knows what else in the floor. So I decided I'd go buy a pair of decent driving shoes just for the tests (and for when the Z's up and running!). I did a Google search and found THESE. http://www.ompracing-usa.com/detail.html?productcode=IC/782 Problem is, those suckers are $320. But I liked the vintage look, and thought they'd go well with a suit I have. Why not kill two bir
  12. Wow. What a great video. I watched a few more as well but that's my favorite. Any idea what camera he used? I've heard the GoPros are great for that stuff.
  13. Anyone ever heard of Pace Setter exhaust headers? I've done a Google search and turned up reviews from "they're garbage" to "they're the best for the money." Someone posted a thread on here about six years ago, but it didn't get much input, and I was wondering if anyone has since used them on the road to any success. I've been ripping apart my 280zx and the guy who owned it before me must've installed them. The stupid things are so big it made getting the heat shield off a pain. I'll post some pics tonight, if anyone's interested.. They're rusty, but it doesn't look like they
  14. @ Racer Z: You're definitely right, it's like playing music.. it ain't a race or a contest. This engine's getting rebuilt, whether it likes it or not. I did check under the frame for the first time yesterday (didn't feel safe climbing under there until it was lifted properly), and found that it was undercoated, and the bit where the undercoat was worn off showed zero rust. That was a little surprising since it was owned in Michigan for most of its life. So that was a major win.
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