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  1. I brought it from Yokota and quickly realized registering in CA was too expensive due to the added emission control laws(C.A.R.. I have a permit to drive it while i get the emissions in order. Now that I am selling it its open to be registered in any state.
  2. I know its not a Z but its a car that deserves an opportunity to go to the hands of a z fan. Im selling my 89 skyline that was legally imported last year. Currently unregistered, but driving on a permit. roughly 75,000 miles on it Car is located in Woodland Hills, CA suspension: Ohlins shocks electronics: HKS EVC boost controller viper alram system with GPS tracking service drivetrain: triple plate clutch (brand unknown) other: 3" downpipe and exhaust Apexi intake system The bad: A/C took a crap on my. It worked fine for years but recently it stopped working. Previous stripped the oil pan drain plug so every time i do an oil change i have to put gasket maker and then it still sometime leaks oil. I purchased used turbos then installed them. It turned out to be bad turbos, so i reinstalled the original turbos and ever since then at about .5BAR it makes a screeching sound. some paint chips on the rear spoiler as seen on the picture Finally, the ABS pump leaks brake fluid. I want to be fully open about the issues so a potential buyer knows exactly what they are getting. I don't have the time to fix these problems. Wheels and valve covers not sold with the car. I would be willing to trade for a rust free reliable Datsun that is 1975 or older, so 240z, 260z, or even a 510 plus cash. I value my car at $17,000. I also need to pay some bills so the cash must be over 10k plus the car to consider offers. For any questions. you can email me directly. I will be more then happy to answer any questions. chav300zx@yahoo.com
  3. chavo

    wtb misc parts

    updated parts list. still looking for some parts to restore 72 datsun.
  4. Get the 240z. Unless you track it, you may not appreciate the suspension difference to the fullest. The biggest concern is if you live in California like i do, you really want to find something prior to 1975, so 240z it is.
  5. I bought Griffin 26x19 and it was too big also. Don't think its worth trying to make it work. It's too tall to close the hood and the other alternative is to cut into the chassis, but this is no bueno either. I just returned mine for a smaller one.
  6. Im restoring a 240z and there are some items i still need. Please include shipping cost to 91331. -Carb throttle linkage. I have one but its too long. The one i need should measure about 10 inches. -original filter box -I also need a small bracket that holds the small gauges.
  7. no. I part it out. I have the block, pistons and other small items.
  8. Im selling this intake system since i have gone back to carburetors. Includes everything you see. I really don't know what they are worth. I just didn't want to trow it away. Maybe somebody needs it. Just shoot me a reasonable offer.
  9. chavo

    wtb: Carb

    Looking to get my L28 converted back to carbs. Just looking for an economical swap not power. If they are stock carbs thats ok as long as they are reliable. Oh yeah, and i need the intake runners. Basically every necessary to switch back to a carb system. Located in Los Angeles, CA
  10. So I have been inspired to get my other 240z restored but with 2 projects means a split in my funds, so I ll trow it out there I may get lucky. Im looking to trade an rb26 with rwd trans and some additional cash in exchange for body restoration on my Z. The engine is currently disassembled awaiting to be rebuild. I have already polished and balanced the crank. Needs new bearings, piston rings, and a new harmonic balancer(mine was chipped during shipping). Other parts will also be required like a starter and a clutch. ECU and harness are included. http://s1051.photobucket.com/user/memphis300zx/slideshow/rb26%20for%20sale
  11. I have one for a rb26 not sure if they are the same. I'll send you a picture.
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