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  1. updated parts list. still looking for some parts to restore 72 datsun.
  2. Get the 240z. Unless you track it, you may not appreciate the suspension difference to the fullest. The biggest concern is if you live in California like i do, you really want to find something prior to 1975, so 240z it is.
  3. I bought Griffin 26x19 and it was too big also. Don't think its worth trying to make it work. It's too tall to close the hood and the other alternative is to cut into the chassis, but this is no bueno either. I just returned mine for a smaller one.
  4. Im restoring a 240z and there are some items i still need. Please include shipping cost to 91331. -Carb throttle linkage. I have one but its too long. The one i need should measure about 10 inches. -original filter box -I also need a small bracket that holds the small gauges.
  5. chavo

    wtb: Carb

    Looking to get my L28 converted back to carbs. Just looking for an economical swap not power. If they are stock carbs thats ok as long as they are reliable. Oh yeah, and i need the intake runners. Basically every necessary to switch back to a carb system. Located in Los Angeles, CA
  6. I have one for a rb26 not sure if they are the same. I'll send you a picture.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I have been wanting to try this out for a while.
  8. Thank you all for your input. It is not a Z but when it gets done ill post some pics.
  9. I don't even have the slightest idea on what it would be worth. I wouldn't want to low ball someones talent.
  10. Any welders-sheat metal fabricators in SOCAL? I need a firewall to be welded onto a car or a new one made. Preferably near 91331.
  11. can't argue L-series motors do sound good, but I am more pro RB's. If you like the Rb25 that's cool but I hate the cold pipe that crosses on top of the motor. Rb25 has far more potential, but the initial cost can be high. Stay tuned I will be selling a Rb26 in the near future.
  12. ^They all have valid points and both your choices are beautiful cars, however anytime you are doing swaps you are going to need money. Unless, you have lots of it to spare, focus on just 1 and do a great job on it.
  13. I am running a Greddy dual core 13 row oil cooler kit from a SR20 motor on my rb26. The pitch was the same and the length was good enough to work. If you do any kind of high sustained revving, i would advise having one. RB's are notorious for oil problems. Combine with good circulation and good cool lubrication, you should be fine. Dont want to end up like this
  14. Time is money, so if you have time and skill buy the rust one. If you have money, buy the restored one. You also have to realize he is charging for the turbo engine. If you are going to swap, that is additional money spent. Total swap cost would be around $4k.
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