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  1. There's still a few videos out on YouTube under kingpinracing too....
  2. Came across some pics of my old Z and realized I haven't been on this site for a few years. Sure do miss working on the car and all my e-buddies here who helped me solve build problems. And I really miss driving the Z. It had a 400+hp LS1 and cornered like it was on rails. What ever possessed me to sell it???
  3. Dude, I lost your contact. Just want to touch base 661-910-5467. Take care

  4. A suggestion......before you weld up the spare tire hole and mount the gas tank, cut youself an access panel in the new sheetmetal so you can remove/replace in in-tank fuel pump. Dropping the tank later to do any work on the pump is a giant pain. Ask me how I know.
  5. If you're on a limited budget you really should re-evaluate your plans. My LS1 conversion was also over $30k. Alot of that was fluff, like stainless hardware, but with a 35+ year old car you're gonna find lots of stuff that needs rebuilding or replacing, especially if you intend to power it with over 300hp. Not to be self serving, but have you considered buying a 'completed' one (like mine) that can be had for a lesser expense?
  6. The flares were from MSA. Unfortunately they're no longer shown in thier catalog.
  7. Mine aren't ZG flares, they're from MSA. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/7BSA02/50-1565
  8. To see what fiberglass flares look like moulded onto a Z, go to my vids on YouTube under Kingpinracing.
  9. I'm one of those crazy Camaro guys who claim 30+mpg on the freeway. My 99 SS with LS6 heads & cam got over 35mpg one time between Phoenix and Yuma. An elevation drop from 1800ft to sea level over 135 miles going about 60 miles an hour. My Z with a 2002 LS1 with a HotCam and longtubes gets 15-17 in town and 26 on the freeway. I had hoped for over 30, but 26 ain't bad.
  10. The other option would be to lower the car. How about sectioning the struts and going with coilovers?
  11. Check out the Grainger and McMaster catalogs. Lots of solutions there...
  12. Wow, no responses?! OK I'll be first.... LS2, LS1, AZLOC (Arizona Lightning Owners Club), BMC (Black Mustang Club), and about 10 other Mustang boards.
  13. Geez, I must be getting old. After reading about 10 pages, all I could think is that those texters are Americas' future and now I'm really worried....
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