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  1. Recently finished swapping out the stock rear axles for new Futofab 108mm CV axles on my 74 260Z Scarab (393ci single turbo.) Had to clearance the lower control arms and the right side sway bar top washer a bit but other than that the install was pretty straightforward. I didn't clearance the left side quite enough the first time and chewed up the pigtails on the inboard safety wire. So had to drop the exhaust again and grind, file and sand more material. Took some real gyrations to do it without removing the CV axle which I really didn't want to do after torqueing all the bolts and learning h
  2. Car was originally a Scarab Kit Build Stage II engine: 350 Chevy QJet draw-thru Rajay Turbo 4 spd. Converted to TBI Blow-thru Alky Injected, 6 spd
  3. Built from Scarab Kit Stage II
  4. 260 built from Scarab Kit Stage II
  5. Saw a couple of these at Amelia Island about 5 years ago, interesting cars!
  6. Good luck. I have a friend that just found one that will probably take $20-$25k to get presentable, another $10k to get it concours ready. I haven't seen one for sale in the last 10 years except fully restored for $60k+
  7. Original Scarabs will have an additional VIN plate stating it was built by Scarab and a vehicle number. There will also be a dash plaque on the right side stating in script "Custom Built by Scarab". And then there's the qtr panel emblems of the scarab bug in gold, Scarab on the fenders, some came with Scarab valve covers, some with Scarab in the seat backs. Also "SCARAB" cast into the bellhousing. All of these items EXCEPT the badging could be purchased from Scarab in a kit or piecemeal.
  8. I ran a Holley with a regulator for a long time but got sick and tired of the noise! I switched to the Airtex E8016S and couldn't be happier. Have to listen close to even know that it's running. $28. I've got 3xDCOE40 Webers, it has no problem keeping them full at 3psi.
  9. Yep, took it for a test drive down to the gas station to fill it up and check for leaks. All's good! The pump is SOOO much quieter than the external!
  10. BobsZTwins


    My 72 240Z and 74 260Z Scarab
  11. I just finished modifying my tank to accept an Airtex 99-02 F-body fuel pump module. Started with using my shop-vac to blow all the vapors out Then cut a hole in the top and welded on the VetteWorks retaining ring. Then did a test fit of the module in the tank and set the tank in place to locate where to cut the hole in the hatch floor. A friend donated a storage bin lid that I refinished to cover the hole. But I needed to build a base to accommodate the increased height of the tank + module + plumbing + wiring. Some 3/4" plywood, pieces of Home Depot paint stir stick and piece of alumi
  12. I looked on Rick's Tanks website, didn't see anything for S30s. Is that tank intended for some other vehicle?
  13. Wow! That's a great looking tank. I just modified my stock tank, installing a Airtex 99-02 F-body fuel module. Cost me about $400: module, retaining ring, AN fittings.
  14. Changed from the Carb'd-draw-thru-turbo that was originally a Scarab Stage III engine to a Blow-thru-EFI'd-turbo with Alky Injection. Much more drivable. Could never get the Scarab setup to run right.
  15. Yes, it should work, Powerglide and Muncie 4 speed speedo outputs are the same with gears ranging from 17 to 25 teeth.
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