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  1. D-Hemi

    My Datsun 241jz project car!

    nice build. was watching and listening to the exhaust vid and it looked like you blew the radiator or a hose in the vid
  2. D-Hemi

    Chickenwing's 77 280Z

    Congrats I'm looking for a 1975 Z sentimental reasons (i was born in 75) i currently have a 1977. Looks like thats mostly dirt and moss or mold please post a pic after washing it. I currently have a 1972 lined up that is in alot worst shape then yours.
  3. D-Hemi

    New 280z owner with a question

    So look what I just bought. Went on a nice short road trip with the family, stopped at the Erie zoo for the kids and daddy gets to bring this beauty home.
  4. D-Hemi

    Refinishing small parts

    Do you got any pictures of your setup and pictures of any of your parts you've done you can share
  5. I'm interested in the L28ET if you still have it i'm in Rochester NY
  6. Hey guys let me give you a update on this car. So i went to see the vehicle in person and the owner wasnt there to talk to so i took the pictures you see and i talked to the wife and she gave me the history and story of the car. I got a hold of the owner and he instantly offered the car for $500 and i was ready to buy it right there so i asked him what are all the parts i expect to get with the deal because a lot of parts were missing and i didnt see them in the garage but i did see patch panels like all floor board and rear hatch repair panels so i wanted to make sure i was getting those and the interior. So the guy gets back to me and tells me i dont get the hood and the front windshield which is on the car as i saw it. so i asked for those parts to be included and he let me know he could include the windshield but i would have to pay $1000. He started to rub me the wrong way so i walked from the deal.
  7. D-Hemi

    My recent barn find/ new member intro

    Awesome find good luck with it. keep posting please
  8. Ive welded in the past i dont own the equipment but i have access. I just want to know if it is saveable i thought the front frame under the fender on driver side was pretty bad. I know all the other areas there are panels available. The guy has floor panels and hatch sill plate
  9. Hi fellow Z enthusiasts . I have the chance of purchasing a 1972 240z for $1000. Here is the condition i need to know if its really worth even trying to bring this back to life.
  10. D-Hemi

    Round 2- 1976 280Z

    Congratulations on all the new comers to the family. Your purchase story is very close to my experience when getting my first Z and then almost immediately my second Z. keep posting
  11. D-Hemi

    240Z - Snailed style

    Suspension looks great. Not a fan of the engine choice. keep posting i hope it finally gets finished
  12. D-Hemi

    My new 260Z

    Welcome back enjoyed reading this post
  13. D-Hemi

    New Owner 1974 260z

    I'm sorry but you started your first sentence with "i've always liked the classic look of the Z". Well you bought a highly modified almost porsche like Z. Nice vehicle but far from classic. It does look like a very nice condition vehicle so congrats and welcome
  14. congrats on the purchase and good luck. I too also just purchased my 1977 280z as far as i have gotten is taking the bumpers off. Hope you get further then me
  15. i had first dibs on a 83 280zx in texas a week ago whole car for $350 priced out it would cost me $1000 to $1500 to get it home to New York i ended up passing on it. I'm still not 100% what engine route i'm going.