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  1. I do appreciate the "quick fix" . I was half expecting this to be already the case before I verified timing. Although with an engine that had previously been worked on I am inclinded to try and keep the stock orientation (too many cars to keep track of), and am pretty sure that I will be rotating clockwise once I have engine back in, and the mofications and adjustments to the Holley, along with the boost retard on the MSD. Delayed by finding I was 3 pressure plate bolts short when installing the Centre Force 2 clutch, I had 9 bolt holes line up as opposed to the 6 on the old pressure plate. (My drivetrain is from a T5 equipped 280ZX Turbo). The Lisle Pilot Bushing Removal Tools worked well,
  2. Thank you, I would be interested in your settings. Your comments about the vac secondires and from my research was confirmed by http://www.dtpprecisionrebuilding.com/ The car ran this set up in the late 80's early 90's according to previous owner who bought the car back from the friend he sold it to but never finished putting it back together. Assuming i will be running less retarded timing and that would mean rotating distributor clockwise then this adjustment plate may well still work, if not I'll flip it and / or dremel the adjustment slots. The diagrams are useful.
  3. Carefully checked engine timing. Rabbit ears on cam, rotor lined up #1 cylinder, TDC mark on crank pulley and pointer accurate verified with a TDC indicator. Oil pump drive was aligned correctly. Distributor tang 11.20 offset towards front of engine. The the second timing adjuster bolt on the D612-52 107 is unsurprisingly beyond its range of adjustment. Engine about to go back in. delayed by Eastwood's distribution centre catching fire. http://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-s-2k-aerospray-ceramic-underhood-black.html.
  4. Not wishing to blow my head gasket or worse. I had the car inspected at http://www.dtpprecisionrebuilding.com/page.php?Carb_Rebuilding_and_Tuning . Seemed confident based on what i have so far that the carb can be rejetted, and if that doesn't cure the AFR's under boost, Ill go from vacuum secondaries and convert to a double pumper. But first, a new clutch, considering the centerforce II clutch kit and of course realign the distributor drive. The distributor is a D612-52 107, which i think was from the original engine.
  5. Thanks for the input.and tuning recommendations, I wouldn't have got this far without HybridZ. Just getting some baseline figures does feel good. Before i start adjusting timing on my locked distributor , the clamp orientation shown in photo is not exactly factory and might have something to do with my timing readings of 42 degrees ? Engine starts easily when cold in California weather, idles at a steady 700rpm, can require finesse to start after the car has sat for 10-15 min (heat soak ?) I previously Checked timing marks do line up at TDC, ( having questions over the timing readings, ) Removed valve cover, checked valves on #1 closed and rotor lines up with #1 spark plug post. Its always a challenge taking on a previous owners project, my goal was to see how well I can get this blowthrough set up to work, before moving on to the RB powered '73 240 Z. Future plans for the L28 would be switching to mega squirt once the '73 is running and driving. Before the slipping clutch (not helped by rolling the fenders and Toyo R888's 245/45/R16) Its an Arizona Z intake, but if i did not acquire the parts with the car I would not go the blowthrough route, especially after reading Maximum Boost. Intercooler piping was sourced from friends and online, I can't weld stainless steel , pipe was cut with the hose clamp method. Still need to move intake to in front of radiator.
  6. Video http://vid270.photobucket.com/albums/jj89/CelticRover/IMG_2765_zpstmxctahx.mp4 A/F shows (AEM digital gauge) at idle 10 to 1, at cruise between 12 to 13 to 1, and under full boost 13 to 14 to 1. If I abruptly lift off gas under full boost A/F can briefly spike as high as 15.0 to 1 Cylinder head is stamped P90a but does not have hydraulic lifters. The former owner said the engine had undergone some machine work at his uncle's machine shop, He was running 17-20lbs of boost and spent some time on a dyno setting up the Holley, I have the boost controller set to its lowest setting at 10 lbs for now.The distributer is locked and according to my timing light is set at 42 degrees. I have a MSD 6-BTM but not adjusted the timing retard.
  7. This is my first experience with a turbo charged engine and the L28 and i was really unsure as to what to expect as a point of reference the tuned 350 Z's were producing 304 to 307 hp. 71' 240 Z, L28 280ZX turbo 5 speed drivetrain, with a Holley 4150 blowthrough , intercooled hybrid turbo 10lbs of boost with an internal wastegate. MSD 6 BTM with a 5,500 rpm limiter, locked distributor, aeromotive boost ref fuel regulator. petronix ignition. 92 octane gas. Had the car for a year, bought as an abandoned project after being in storage for many years. This was a test run to establish some sort of baseline figure, unfortunately the clutch was slipping badly under full load (smoke coming out of bellhousing, that's what happens when you teach a teenager to drive stick and SCCA autocross). It was a really hot day, my air intake is currently behind the radiator, and i had removed the turbo blanket to adjust wastegate linkage. Engine and oil temp 180. Engine runs rich at 11 to 1 off boost and 14 to 1 under full boost.
  8. Hood back on, bringing the '71 and registered for the autotest and peoples car show. New-to-240z I will have 2 helmets, welcome to borrow one, look for the silver 240 Z with a holley blowthrough turbo and no bumpers.
  9. Appreciated, coincidently JER was also recommended by an owner of a 240 with an RB swap. Removing the sump was an ordeal using a putty knife to cut through the grey sealant. Raised the engine after unbolting both engine mounts from the crossmember. The front mounted oil dipstick tube pulled out with some minor persuasion, and the blanking plug for the rear location popped out easily ( flew across the garage floor and took 10 min to find) The sump has had part of the baffles cut out and the area around the drain plug has a dent. (possibly the baffles were cut out to bash out a larger dent ?) Have to replace the steering rack bellows, the bushings and balljoints are worn and the stock front calipers are sticking so might as well drop the crossmember and overhaul the front end.
  10. Thank you, McKinney is under 2hrs away, and i think that some of the parts used in the swap by the PO may have came from them. Bleeding the brakes last in my garage around midnight , looked up and I have 2 LAPD police officers investigating a noise complaint , - agreed that i was doing nothing wrong, but apparently I have a new "sensitive" neighbor" in the condo building further down the street. I suspect the same "lady" who asked my son not to skateboard at 11am a couple of days before.
  11. Thank you R3VO 3VOM, Stock factory ECU, no cutting out, just occasional flat spot / hesitation under full load along with an occasional erratic cold idle speed. Just beginning to go through the car , changing the fluids and checking the inter cooler pipes, PO had mentioned they worked their way loose.
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