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  1. Yes my 77 had the same problem with my old lines i had to pump the peddel to blead because the vacuum pump would suck the liner inside the rubber lines shut and my peddle was soft because it had to blow them up. There are no coils in my lines i have the ss ones from the z store.
  2. I got the one for a 77 280z from oreily last week the only difference between it and my old one is color the new one is silver old one is black. It cost 101.00
  3. I replaced my th350 with a 700r4 narrow K case, the K case is from a 4 wheel drive and is thicker at the bell housing and only as wide as the engine block. The narrow case has way more room for the exhaust and my 700r4 was 5/8in shorter than the th350 i have so I still have the same drive shaft. I bought a stage 2 build from patriot transmission in July 14, hooked up my odometer for the first time and went from 28,000 miles to 92,000 miles with no problems. The transmission was $1,000. I saw it on ebay but called direct and even though shipping was free I drove to Ocala from Venice and picked it up. My 700r4 uses a tv cable that hooks to carb like the kick down cable like th350.
  4. I do not have a spare tire for my 77 280z my question is, will a 155 90 15 four lug spare from a 84-85 300zx fit in my spare tire well and on my z.
  5. Here is my 77 280 with 2 1/4 in back to the diff then 2 1/2 to chambered muffler. I do not have carpet just two rubber mats. I have to roll down my windows to here exhaust, and I have 60,000 miles on the muffler it was put on in 2014 I had a turbo muffler before that.
  6. I would like to see the front, if my rear uprights move that much the front of the control arms would clunk the back side of the front diff cross member and the heads of the bolts for the control arm pivot point would hit the back of the sway bar. the front should be much stronger than the rear and not move or flex.
  7. In the video from 29-34 It looks like the control arms and hangers that tie the rear lower control arm mounts to the body are moving way to much. They should not move at all it does not look like the control arm bushings are flexing to much. The control arms, hangers and cross members should not move and if they do it will affect handling and tire wear by changing toe in/out. It most likely moves when cornering and hard braking also.
  8. 2/17/16 229am p103 I do like those Motegi Racing Traklites though, my next step is wheels and tires and I like to fit under the stock fenders. I have looked at your pictures lots of times because they look so good.
  9. I saw this on the news it's not rusted to bad. https://youtu.be/u5s6sW0-6lk
  10. Custom 15 inch eagle wheels but the tires are 195/60R 14.
  11. I will get a better photo mine is two pieces of aluminum and my 280z has a screw and hole in firewall from factory.
  12. Saturday I went to Slick's Garage and got to meet Slick and his crew. Slick gave us a tour of the shop and cars they are working on. We also got to see some of his own cars and hear the story behind each one. Slick's Garage is in Palmetto Florida only 25-30 min from my house in Venice. First I went to Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota for caffeine and gasoline and then cruised to Slick's. More photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.746940885360732.1073741854.189716137749879&type=1 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.746937405361080.1073741853.189716137749879&type=1
  13. On Saturday 9/6 Suncoast Motorsports had cars and coffee at Sebring Raceway. I drove 20 miles from Venice to Sarasota and then to Sebring. I got to see race cars practice and run two twenty minute races. I got to see some very fast cars and meet some nice people. I had so much fun, we even got to do six laps on the track at a reduced pace. Here are some photos.
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