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  1. I believe these come out of 74 260z 2+2 4-speeds 79 280zx 2+2 4-speeds Thanks! -Kevin
  2. I have a full P90a head in Orlando FL
  3. I have one. Just to be clear... you need the driveshaft off a 280zx turbo coupe? I'm from Orlando FL
  4. Turbo260Z

    CV Shafts

    Looking for CV conversion parts or full kit. I already have 300zx cv shafts so looking for the proper length shafts and companion flanges for 260z (27 spline). or full swap. Let me know what you have! Thanks! Will sell 300zx CVs if I get a full swap -Kevin
  5. Do they still function and are not rusted? basically do each of the parts still spring back and forth with no problems? If so any pics? what would you want for them shipped?
  6. looking for either new or good condition used door and hatch alignment strikers. the ones with the springs and plastic guides. I don't need the dovetails or parts on the door that make contact, I have those. I just need what's in the bottom of the fist pic and what's in the second pic. Shipped to 32812 Thanks!
  7. Turbo260Z


    Looking for Brand New OEM emblems. or used but look like they are out of the box specifically: 2 new rear quarter 1 hood emblem, Z badge prefered 1 FairladyZ badge for rear spoiler Shipped to 32812 Thanks!
  8. Turbo260Z

    WTB T5 Trans

    I have one for sale. I'll be taking it out of my early 260z in a couple of days to replace it with a Z32 trans. It grinds when going into 3rd and 4th but doesn't have any wining or knocking noises in gear. Comes with a high dollar MGW short throw shifter and custom driveshaft. As well as the mount. PM if interested!
  9. Looking for the rubber pieces the are behind the hatch hinges. Both sides
  10. I have them both. Also the MAF is actually a AFM (air flow meter) which is what I have. unless some one converted a 300zx turbo MAF on your motor.
  11. Looking for a good set of doors, can either be complete doors or door skins for early 260z. Thanks! Orlando, Fl
  12. I have one, it's on my car now but putting in a metal one. The bottom where the airdam attaches to is cracked apart but I drilled new holes for the airdam
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