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  1. Wow, more cylinder head drama? Sorry to hear that, Leon. When you said the exhaust system was covered in oil, did you mean the exterior?
  2. Well the wet season has had me laying low for a while on the Z project. Been saving my dimes for some wheels and coilovers for the daily driver in the mean time. Yeah my daily turned into a light project too, so now i'm spreading myself out kinda thin. However, when Xmas rolled around I caught wind of a group buy from skillard.com. Front bumper delete panels in black powder coat. I decided to get in on it, and they finally arrived today! Not too shabby! I had to elongate a few holes in the urethane air dam to get the fasteners to line up. Also, the turn signals overlap
  3. Wow i haven't posted an update in quite a bit here. For the past few months, I've been taking every opportunity to just drive the car. Finally got her sideways a few times and now i'm trying to cool it on that behavior so I can preserve the remaining tread on these tires. =) Anyway, this might be a boring post for some of you, but "story" is starting to become a focus for me with this particular Z, and these bits (while not technical in nature) are certainly part of it. So there I was, driving to a client meeting in Palo Alto, when I see this sign. Lo and behold, it's Gunn High
  4. "i basically made a murder chamber, even creepier." so funny... Dexter paint booth.
  5. This was really helpful. I was able to trace it back to the BW wire which had become disconnected within the harness. Thanks for the assist!
  6. Car is no longer charging. Can anyone tell me what the role of the Black/Yellow wire is, going to the voltage regulator on a 260z? According to the factory wiring diagram it goes straight to the interlock relay. Is it supplying voltage TO the relay or is it receiving voltage FROM it? For context, here's the issue I'm having: I get 0v at the WB and Y connectors (these run to the F and N terminals on the alternator) There is 12v on the W wire at the regulator. The B wire is showing a strong ground. The BW wire runs inside the passenger compartment and becomes the green wires on
  7. I was having an intermittent battery drain myself. Was able to focus on it for a few hours last night, and traced it back to a loose connector on the interlock relay. Seems to have fixed it! And yes I hear you about how hard it is to fix dips and spikes in Afr on carbs.
  8. Blackhawk Cars & Coffee in Danville. Sounds like it's a morning thing. Have you been before? Curious what is the best time to arrive.
  9. I've never been! It would be fun to roll down there with you! I believe it's the 7th of next month.
  10. Big update today! I can't remember ever saying this before, at any point in my life. This car is running SO GOOD that i'm stopping here for the rest of the summer. It tracks in a perfectly straight line.No wobbling steering wheel. No driveshaft vibration. Minimal valvetrain chatter. No sputtering. No backfiring. No dieseling. The only blip in performance is that off-throttle bogging of webers that is just part of owning webers. I've had my hands on every last last thing under the hood without actually blueprinting a new engine config (which i still plan to do in a year or two), and made
  11. NICE! What a cool place for that signature! =D
  12. Several things jump out at me here, as inspiration for the next phase of my own z. Your dash restoration is really intriguing. I've seen this done before on another forum, but with two examples on record here, I think I'm ready to take the plunge and try it myself. Also, thanks for the tip on that rubber restoration chemical. Very nice work, sir!
  13. Xmas came early this year! Picked up my exhaust from Amerikote this afternoon. Tonight is going to be a BLAST! I spent the last few days changing the head gasket, cleaning the HECK out of the engine compartment, and getting ready for this badboy to go back in. Was going to wait til i had it out in the daylight before posting, but i'm like a kid on Xmas morning right now. Couldn't wait to start unwrapping my present!
  14. Great meeting you yesterday, and thanks for the food and beverage! =) My wife and I have cars and coffee on the calendar now. Next month we'll be there!
  15. Man oh man... I ran into a real car guy the other day who wanted to chat me up about all things Datsun. In the end, that was a hell of a convo because he allegedly has a subaru LSD that he wants to sell me. Possibly some other parts too. =) This is something i constantly tell myself i will do... NEXT time. =)
  16. Just got back from a 10 day stint in Grand Junction, Colorado, where an unexpected family emergency took command of all my attention, as well as my wallet. Whatever grandiose plans I had for the Z are going to be on hold for a while. Thankfully, I already set aside the money for the Powdercoating, so I can finish my exhaust system. And when I got back home, my last amazon order was waiting for me on my doorstep. So I have stuff to keep my busy for a while. Last night, I installed said amazon purchase. An analog style AEM wideband controller/gauge. After getting the 14point7 contro
  17. I'm actually planning to purchase a 3D printer in the near future, with this type of work in mind. Still doing research on what make/model will enable me to print projects in a practical range of sizes without breaking the bank. You might want to check out this thread, in the mean time: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113544-240z-horn-button-refab/
  18. Ooh nice tires. Great seeing those T3 brakes being unboxed. This is essentially the same as the Arizona Z Car package, yeah? Pics of the shop would be cool! But no pressure. Not everything needs to live online.
  19. Yes it made a noticeable difference on the freeway. There is still a drone, but it's not beating up my ears. It sounds more like it's coming from the back of the car and less like it's eminating through the body.
  20. Made this quick video of the exhaust sound before/after installing a Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator. For anyone else considering the Ultra Quiet, here is a sample of what you can expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnygSNPevbQ&feature=youtu.be It's worth mentioning that this resonator (part#1141) has a 4" tall x 6" wide oval body, so it would have hung pretty low, if it had simply been welded in-line on the 2.5" MSA performance exhaust system. A new front section was fabricated, with a moderate arch to it, in order to keep that thing way off the ground. There is about 1/2"
  21. Ahhh yes. Got the car back from the exhaust shop and the guys did a nice job mounting the muffler at the exact position and angle i was hoping for, and also managed to shoehorn that Ultra Quiet resonator in there, with surprisingly good ground clearance. You can see in this pic, that center section of pipe bends up a bit to get that resonator as tucked as possible. I can also swap that section out for the straight 2.5" pipe that came with the MSA exhaust kit. So if I ever want to open her up, the setup is kind of modular =) And in the rear, a nice subtle angle. Nothing too c
  22. Wow nice! How far off the floor can you get the car now? nice sway bar bushings, by the way.
  23. Man... That's some beautiful work. It would be great to see a walkthrough of your shop! Virtual tours of hybrid z members' garages should be a thing.
  24. So this is interesting. I was re-installing the intake manifold and headers last night, and I thought to myself, "dang, looks like i'm going to have to modify some washers again, because the mounting surfaces of the intake manifold and header are different thicknesses." Then I took a look at the washers that came with the car, and they had already been modified. Leon, if you're reading this, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Did you modify these washers yourself? Is this only a problem with the Cannon manifolds because it's the same manifold and the same issue I had last time. Is
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