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  1. MansouR

    Back To School!

    senior in highschool
  2. MansouR

    MSA Type 3 Photo Collection

    msa II fan
  3. MansouR

    car porn being fabbed up

    ahhhhh.....definately shows that there will always be someone better(more money) out there
  4. MansouR

    Ebay 240sx throttle body spacer?...

    WAKE UP!! no way
  5. MansouR

    Need ideas on GREEN paint codes

    dark green called Highland Green Mica
  6. MansouR

    GTR Smash um up!!!

    thats thinking but we need thoes people drift more often to not hurt the engine like the pics above
  7. MansouR

    Suicide or Lambo doors?

    maybe a s130:icon2:but still, that poster with the gallardo and civc makes a great point
  8. MansouR

    280YZ Wide Body Race Kit

    anyone have any type of clue of the rims:hijack:
  9. MansouR

    Anyone got Forza 2

    ps3 account PSN mansourjmansour definately getting gt5 when it comes out
  10. MansouR

    Datsun in new insurance commercial

    i tried l@@king but no luck
  11. MansouR

    Nissan Commercials...

  12. MansouR

    Z spotted in another movie

    omfg crazy
  13. MansouR

    Z spotted in another movie

    i missed it the first time, looked agiain just had a link to one photo:twisted:
  14. MansouR

    Z spotted in another movie

    in video games other than gran turismo or forza, midnight club underground racing game