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  1. are you looking for a bare block? Short block? Long block? 2 bolt? 4 bolt?
  2. tube80z, Great information. Are the rear control arms pictured a "toe-link" style? Looks like it but I wanna be clear. Does it help with side loads because it stays still more than the bushings?
  3. the brake upgrade looks GREAT! would love a set of those hats or the cad file. How do you like the aluminum hubs? I have a set in a box. I even bought the bearing spacers (DPR). But I have some kinda mental hang-up about the use of aluminum there. I know It's not rational.
  4. manninen, please tell us more!!! what tone ring and what sensor?
  5. I might be way off, and I'm not near a L Series right now. Can the distributor and drive be removed from the "top" and the oil pump tapped out?
  6. Once you get the paint and sealant off that area You might decide to leave it and plate over for main hoop. I think it's doubled there. I thought about putting a hole there and extending the hoop out the floor. Then cap it. Good jack/ jackstand point. I dreamed of air jacks somewhere near there.
  7. I'd like to buy these. sending a PM
  8. maybe FX35 vents might match the curve? Plus they are fairly inexpensive.
  9. I hope this link works. I needed something like this 20+ years ago. Of course, I also needed the internet! www.woodworkerb.com/home/datsun-240z-rebuild/half-shaft-rebuild
  10. Had delrin in the IT car. lasted fine. have it in the street car. doing fine. but not a lot of miles on either. hard miles on IT car. few miles on streetcar.
  11. delrin rod, available at you local plastic store in different diameters. cuts/sands easy.
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