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  1. Of you don't like the floor mounted pedal z3's use a sensor that connects to a hanging pedal. They are expensive new but should be cheap form a salvage yard. Just make sure it's new enough to be drive by wire.
  2. You could go with the bmw n52 and get a magnesium block, that is super light. But you will have to deal with aluminum bolts on everything that touches it to avoid galvanic corrosion.
  3. The aluminum case differential started with the f10 5 series. Looking deeper it is not a 188 but a 205al, but the seal kits all say 188/205 so output shafts and covers may be compatible.
  4. What about using a newer aluminum case 188 diff? They use low drag hearings & less fluid to help with the parasitic losses as well.
  5. The jam nuts on my car were extremely tight as well. I ended up jacking up the car by the wrench to get it to break loose.
  6. I think the axles are the most compressed at full droop & extend as the wheel moves up, so I would not think under acceleration you would be getting cv bind. I can't think of what else would damage the adapter though.
  7. I don't know of anyone who has even looked into the abs controller code, but most of the newer units are flash programmable. As there are only a few manufacturers of abs/stability control systems most cars have the same systems. So if you can collect the program files for number of different vehicles using the same hardware and compare them much like engine ecu tuning you may be able to tune your own abs.
  8. For the rear of my car I am thinking about doing a ttt stub axle eliminating setup with the factory long nose r200. With this setup I will need to change out the stub axles to ones that will fit the axles I go with. There are a number of options with the correct spline count, early j30, open 240sx & na z32. I can not find any length comparison though to see how they will fit the long nose case. I plan on running a m factory limited slip the the longer stub for the vlsd should not be needed. Additionally does anyone know if Nissan used the same CV shaft spline count on all cv's? They were made with a 3x3 a 5 bolt & a 6 bolt mounting pattern at the stub, but I do no know if the shaft changed.
  9. Does the tabco rocker include the section that extends forward? I always thought it was just the outer cover under the door. My rocker does have a few small holes so if it includes the front section it would be the way to go. The good thing about having a hole is that I can get a look at the inner rocker & it looks to be in good shape.
  10. I pulled the right front fender off my 260z to repair a rust hole in the battery box area. When I did I found additional rust in the section of the rocker extension where the fender mounts. I figure I am going to have to fabricate a patch for this area and am looking for ideas and advise on matching the shape & making sure the nut inserts are correctly located.
  11. If resale is what you are after its best to keep the factory engine in place. The aluminum ls engines can be hard to find and expensive due to demand, they are good, light engines. Even an iron head early small block in the jtr mounting position has better weight distribution than the factory engine so the weight savings is not a huge deal. The jags that run manual is the best place to start for information, even if some of it is dated at this point. It even has diagrams for the mounts if you want to make your own. The only thing I do not like about their setup is the transmission mount.
  12. After startup hid's have lower power consumption than halogens. Full led assembly replacements will give you better visibility & be dot legal vs a h4 conversion. A good bixenon projector will give similar visibility to a good led headlight, but the led will be easier to install in the factory bucket.
  13. Jeeps have made it easier to find a 7 inch dot legal led headlight. I'm not sure how that hid kit does high/low, I would guess it does not focus light very well. Many states have banned hid conversions due to the poor light focusing unless they are in a properly designed housing.
  14. Looks good, it looks like your engine is already together so it may be something for latter, Lang racing offers a widening service for the rod bearings that is supposed to eliminate the rod bearings wear these engines experience. Even after 2 recalls most cars run hard still wear out the rod bearings around 60k. It should be a nice engine for the lighter e30.
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