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  1. caperix

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    Yes I do have the 1/2 inch spacers for the crossmember.
  2. caperix

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    I do have the jtr manual, while it did talk about trimming the driver's mount on the side for set back plate clearance it did not mention the bottom for steering shaft clearance. I am using a small cap HEI so I maybe further back than mentioned in my older edition of the JTR manual, but am still only about half way on the slots in the crossmember, as slotted per JTR manual. I will check through the driveling subforum for angle discussions.
  3. caperix

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    I am having some issues getting the engine positioned in my late 260z using jtr mounts as well. The driver's side mount is rubbing on the steering shaft & won't sit all the way down. The section of the motor mount looks like it can be cut off without affecting strength, I just have not heard of clearance issues in that area. I was also wondering the best way to make sure the motor is in straight? I'm not sure the core support is straight enough to use as a reference as my car has had some front end damage. Finally I am trying to use a cxracing ls1 t56 transmission mount, what kind of drive line angle should I try to achieve? 3 degrees down seam to be the standard. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  4. I agree that the cooling system should be checked. Has the water pump been changed? BMW used a plastic impeller on the water pump that can slip and reduce coolant flow.
  5. I looked at your build as I am looking into different front suspension options. Is the added front track width from your custom control arms or is the s13 just wider? It looks like you reangled the steering arms on the knuckles, how is that holding up, I have always been nervous about welding cast pieces. The only other write up of a s13 swap I found was on zilvia, he used a rhd skyline rack for due to swapping the knuckles to front steer, are you still on the s30 rack? How is bump steer with it. Sorry for the thread jack.
  6. I just wanted to share this in case anyone else makes the same mistake as me. Not all early small blocks are drilled for both starter patterns, preventing use of the 158 tooth flywheel needed for most overdrive manual transmissions. Goodson tool makes a jig to drill the missing hole, here is the link. https://goodson.com/products/sdj-1-starter-drill-jig I was able to do it with a hand drill & keep the hole straight, I think it may also be useful if you ever need to drill a broken starter bolt out of the block.
  7. caperix

    Questions on stub axle eliminators

    I agree that Arizona z cars website needs some work. I am leaning towards the techno toy tuning set up. It has the hole for the parking brake so r32 internal parking brakes can be used or you can run 240sx caliper mounted parking brakes. I need to contact them & find out if their struts use the same cartridge as the 280 struts & if they can still be easily sectioned for lowering.
  8. caperix

    Questions on stub axle eliminators

    It feels like the factory stub axles & axles would still be a time bomb, especially on a lowered car due to the u joint angles. I worry it would be like running a t5, there are many who have run them into the 10's but at that point they will fail catastrophically. I am thinking a little extra money spent at this point may save me down the road. I would still like some input from anyone running these setups. How are they holding up, what brakes are you running?
  9. caperix

    Questions on stub axle eliminators

    Sorry, late 260 so the taller 280 struts & the smaller spline stubs from what I have read. I didn't realize the ttt setup used 240sx parts, though they all look to use the same bolt spacing on the bearing. So I guess you could put the larger bearing on it with a 5 lug conversion.
  10. I am looking at options for stub axle eliminators for the s30 chassis. I a going to be running a mild v8 with a t56 at around 350 to 400 ft\lbs. I have a long nose r200 already installed, I do not see the need in my application for an r230 and the are some affordable helical options so I don't see the need to go to a short nose r200. I would like to run CV axles with stub axle eliminators and am looking for opinions on the options. Arizona z car makes one in their complete suspension kit, not sure if they will sell parts separate or if it will work with brakes other than their own. Techno toy tuning will sell parts separate, their kit is based around a differential swap but should work with the long nose if you leave out the front mount. It looks like it is based around r32tt brakes, not sure if the parking brake drum is retained. Forum member Wilfred was working on a setup using intrepid hubs & a ford 8.8 differential, I think this project has been abandoned & the 8.8 swap looks like more work than needed for my application. Forum member invincibleextremes is working on a setup using mustang hubs and an 8.8 but is not fully completed. Are there any other options I missed? Any opinions on any options?
  11. The z can have camber change under compression as well with the factory struts. Use roll center spacers to keep the control arm at a downward angle. The arc of the arm will have camber gain until you are past the level point of the arm, then will start loosing negative camber.
  12. caperix

    Which CV kits are best for an R200 240Z?

    Any thoughts on the ttt stub axle eliminators? They don't say anything about axles on the website but if factory Nissan axles can be used that may be a cheaper setup. I keep thinking j30 5 bolt outputs on the diff and s15 axles with the ttt stub axle eliminators would be a good strong setup.
  13. Does the t\c rod intersect at the ball joint if you draw a straight line? I think that is the point you use for you bottom measurement. I wonder if there is a factory spindle that would reduce fabrication, the only front steer rear t\c rod spindle I can think of is a BMW e90 awd.
  14. caperix

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    What material are you using? Will a mig be able to be used to finish the welding or will a tig be required? You had mentioned using nissan bearings as well, do they use the same bolt pattern as the mustang parts or do you plan on offering different drilled faces?
  15. caperix

    Z31T axle swap CAN fit

    Great information & pictures. One thing I have wondered, if you switch to z31 stub axles can you eliminate the need for adapters & just bolt in the z31 cv's? I have seen some posts that say the z31 stub axles can be installed in s30 struts if the strut is bored out a small amount. I plan on doing a CV swap & going 5 lug when my car is closer to being ready & am weighing my options.