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  1. And by original I mean the first axle designed for this swap by D1t
  2. Not sure the exact length. I think mine are a bit longer (0.125”?) than the original to help accommodate for T3 adjustable control arms. Invincible Extremes (aka Vlad) will know since I purchased the axles from him with my kit. I assembled the axles into the cv joints otherwise would measure for length I will be getting back to working in the Z soon. Life has been slammed busy with house remodel the last year
  3. https://www.jdmfenderflares.com/ The owner's name is Jendoza. I suspect he had few different websites build over the years.
  4. Also, it's best to have the flares on car (taped on would suffice) so you can accurately measure offset because flares brand/models differ in size. You can always go conservative with more positive offset then dial fitment in with wheel spacers. You will find that the Japanese made flares fit better than knock offs.
  5. Below is a wheel offset guide I found on HybridZ Under stock fenders you can fit 15x9 with a 0 to -15 offset. Regular zg flares you can fit 15x10 front 0 to -15 offset Rear 15x10 0 to -35 Wide zg flares 15x10.5 -15 to -35 Rear 15x11.5 -20 to -35 Coilovers allow for more positive offset. I suggest at least a 10" rim to run 275 tires. My current build is getting 10"x18" rim/275 tire for front and 11.5"x18" rim/315 tire for rear. The offsets are -12mm both front and rear (5" bs front and 5.75" bs rear) which should give flush fitment with extra wide rear and standard front Marugen Shoukai flares by my measurements. Wheels are being made now so will know in a few weeks if I nailed fitment. I am using 2015 Mustang hubs so my fitment most likely is slightly different than stock/oem Datsun
  6. No pics yet of flares installed. I have them taped to the side of the car. Just ordered up wheels/tires and will install flares after they arrive in a few weeks. "Standard, deluxe and special" refers to the thickness of the fiberglass from thin to thickest. I went with the wide version in "special" for the rear which is about 3" wide per flare. I believe they only offer one size for the front which is about 2" wide per side and think it's standard thickness. The flares were in stock when I ordered them so they arrived in like two weeks. RHDJapan was great to work with, then sent numerous emails keeping me informed of transaction progress.
  7. Upon second look those flares could be just modified standard ZG style flares. Mold studs into the rivet dimples then cover with bondo or fiberglass
  8. Wow, those look nice! You going to sell a few sets to cover the cost of making those jigs? Also, what are your plans for front flares?
  9. The issue you will run into with molded fiberglass boded to metal is cracking at seam. The fiberglass and sheet will expand and contract at different rates which creates the crack. Some guys claim to bond fiberglass to sheet metal without cracking but was not worth the risk for me. Either run with the bolt on or fabricate the flare out of metal. I too wanted the smooth look at first but settled for the bolt on type from Marugen Shoukai, extra wide rear 3" and regular front 2". The shipping was as much as the flares, doh! Well worth the price to get them here because the fitment is precise. https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/model/nissan_fairlady-z/car/nissan/brands/marugen-shoukai/category/exterior_fenders-and-doors
  10. I placed a Sanden SD-7B10 A/C Compressor where you put the alt. Made similar 1/4" plate mount brackets. Have yet to make my spacers to align compressor and idler pulleys. Nice work as usual.
  11. Those are the first flares i purchased. They should work for 275s all four corners by my measurements. The rears are too small at 3" for 315s. Build quality is fine but not as good as the Marugen Shoukia which were purchased from https://www.rhdjapan.com/marugen-shoukai.html Marugen Shoukia flares fit better than JDM but cost twice as much due to shipping cost from Japan. No pics yet. Still a few months out at least because have not even ordered wheels yet.
  12. I would look for other tune solutions too if the SoCal guy's tune day would cost $5K. Full disclosure I have never tuned or had a EFI motor tuned but interest in doing so led me to research the process over the years. Your previous experience with other race car puts you miles ahead of me. Does your engine ECU allow for data logging or real time monitoring of timing, air/fuel and other engine parameters? Not saying the GM tune is inadequate but just double check that things are working per spec. LS1Tech.com is a great resource with plenty of brilliant people willing to help.
  13. Another thing to consider, if not already done, is a dyno tune. Sub-optimal ignition timing curve can make engines run hot. Finding a good LSX engine tuner can be a challenge but in NorCal you should not have to go far.
  14. No wheels yet. Ordered and took delivery of some Marugen Shoudkia front and rear flares. In the process of redesigning the rear strut tube to allow for more inward wheel fitment so I can use the Marugen flares. Hoping modifications will allow for fitting 315 tires on 18x11.5" wheel with these flares, it's going to be tight! The section tire width of 315s are around 12.8" and actual rim width is 12.5". The Marugen extra wide rear flares I have measure 3.5" total width not added width from existing stock flare. My build is unique and the pinch points are the strut tubes. Most likely the same pinch point for stock Datsun suspension with coil overs but not certain. You should not have any problems fitting 275s on all corners. Just triple check offset with a jig or set of wheels. One thing to consider is the offset front and rear. The "look" some people go for is having more "lip" on the rear compared to front which necessitates wheels with different offsets thus making it near impossible to rotate tires even using spacers.
  15. I know! House remodel has garage play time sidelined. That said have little time right now so started installing the Griffin 1.25" dual core radiator and C7 Spal fan. Will post up some progress photos soon. The basic Super 8.8 swap kit is Invincible Extremes. You can find him in the vendors section. D1t is the guy who designed my front end and new rear knuckles. He responded to this thread a few posts back, private message him.
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