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  1. Looks good! Speaking for many of us here, really appreciate sharing all your hard work and detailing the reasoning behind design.
  2. If your serious about a full cage go old school, vintage BSR-260Z-IMSA design. Since my 280Z will be street driven like the OP's car I will most likely build something similar to Dan's Street Cage design. Love these old photos.
  3. I have a question about coil overs used with this swap. In the first post it was mentioned the WRX coil over would be this swap then later on in the thread the STR units would be used. Is the rear diff swap and Mustang front brake swap designed to be used with either strut/coilovers? My 280Z will be more of an autocross/road course use so hope the coil over used has good after market support for road racing. Don't know much about either WRX or SRT racing and building suspension in general but know good shocks/coil overs, which don't come cheap, are key to handling. Also, excited at the prospect of utilizing both front and rear 2015 Mustang brakes which opens up great possibilities and aftermarket support.
  4. texix30O can you post up the spreadsheet please. I lost my copy some how... Still waiting patiently for someone to start producing Will's design. I have the Explorer diff and axles but holding off gathering other parts till I can source the custom machined parts that are crucial to making this swap work. It would be nice to have the CAD files so I can have a friend make the parts. J
  5. Something else also to consider if going remanufactured axles. Axles take a "torque" setting making them driver and passenger side specific after use. I can see the reman'd units getting mixed up. May not matter in a grocery getter/soccer mom truck but for high HP applications such as ours, well, you decide. J
  6. Hey Will, Picked up a 2003 Explorer 8.8 3.73 LSD with both axles so ready when you are. Hint, hint. For those interested the current going rate here in Central California is between $300-400 for carrier and axles. I paid $365. J
  7. Put me down for a kit also Will. I think you can sell more than a few kits so a second run NEEDS to happen! PM'd you a few minutes ago without reading through to end of thread cause this looks like a great kit. Can anyone with first production run kit chime in on their installation and subsequent performance. I plan on HPDE and road course TTs so will be driving the car hard. Excited about not having concern as to whether the rear can handle LS3 power and torque. Joseph
  8. Anyone have success using an aftermarket RR pan for their LSX motor swap such as Canton or Kevco? I have read the LS1 pan has the lowest profile which makes it preferable but the LS2 pan has been used successfully even though it has slightly larger dimensions. The aftermarket pans have wider and deeper sump which makes me wonder if header clearance will be an issue. I am in the hunt right now for LS2/LS3/L72/L94, basically any 6.0L or 6.2L compete pull out motor from car or truck. The truck pans are huge so if I am forced to get a new pan should I consider an aftermarket unit with baffles, etc. The next question is will the front dress accessories of the truck/Pontiac/Caddy motors clear the hood or frame rail? The truck alternator is placed high on the upper driver's side of the motor. The Pontiac and Caddy motors have the alternator down by the driver's frame rail. Is the front dress of the f-body and Corvette best when swapping into the S30? FYI, I have a 75 280Z. Well, I'll throw out one more question. The flex-fuel L9H and L94 truck motors have huge 54 lbs. injectors. Can these be used without running E85 gas? I assume the fuel sensor that determines gas/alcohol ratio will be needed. Or is this a moot point cause I should swap to a LS3 intake and injectors. Here is an awesome writeup on the LSX series motors. http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/LSPrimer/Part1/ http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/LSPrimer/Part2/ J
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