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  1. Patience is key but even then as long as you go for make sure welds penetrate and take as much time
  2. As far as floor pans go I’ve found a few places with complete replacements for a cleaner replacement but you’d spend a good chunk of change if you need as much repair. Website is along the lines of “showcars-bodyworks.com” will have to google it because the link was weird for me but they sell a lot of replacement body parts in steel and fiberglass. But as far as wiper cowl section I went a ballsy and went for the repair I cut out the entire wiper section probably not how it should have been but I’m a rookie.! Who knows might just end up scraping the body but I’m gonna give it a go. It only hurts my wallet to try but it’s also future knowledge.
  3. i bought my zx a couple years ago now my goal is partially a restomod but also creating a racecar setup. at the moment im finsihing up with my engine work including intake with pallnet rail and new injectors and the works and a header thats all fine and dandy but my big issue is the body! originally the only rust i found was the spare wheel well but that turned into small patches on all for quarters and passenger floor pan and rails, battery box, to my current discovery the windshield area both on the roof and the wiper cowl. with my lack of experience in body work i cut out the passenger floor and welded in some new steel not have bad for a rookie. i already planned on buying new fibergalss fenders for the front so no need to fix the fenders and i think i can handle the rear quarters but don't know how to work with the windshield trim areas. unlike the s30 the cowl doesn't unbolt so obviously i have to drill out tack welds. and i dont even know what im going to do with roof at the moment but im looking for advice from someone thats had to repair these particular areas before and i know i should have bought a new shell long ago but im in this one deep plus this has been the greatest learning project possible.
  4. im mostly just restomodding my 280zx for learning purposes but personally i took 16 gauge sheet metal i bought from home depot cut out the rust and took some rough estimates (i had never done this before!) but used a hammer and a tape measure and a grinder! and made myself a more solid floor. what i learned in this process is HAVE PATIENCE! just keep in mind since its your race car weight reduction good luck!
  5. cool to hear someone is trying to help out us s130 owners! I've tried to research how to make new rubbers but got no where fast. hopefully you'll have better luck thank i did!
  6. I've had my zx for about a year and have been searching swap threads but most of the detailed threads are for an s30 I've come to realize the best bet to accomplish your swap is to keep your pockets fat and have ambition to start and finish the swap. also, if you cant find much information and just go for it just try and write something up for the page, we need more zx mods, upgrades ect. best of luck!
  7. ive contacted many companies trying to get them to make a batch of door seals but none of the companies would do to the fact it was a parts store chain like rockauto, etc. asking for the production. i had to buy a set of used door seals since mine were blown but they'll have to do until we get new ones produced!
  8. Wow it's really that unique dang!! I'm going to get in contact with a weatherstripping company and see if I can get them to produce some I wouldn't mind sending in my dried out ones.
  9. Wow it's really that unique dang!! I'm going to get in contact with a weatherstripping company and see if I can get them to produce some I wouldn't mind sending in my dried out ones.
  10. I've seen the weatherstripping alternative thread on here and I nothing is specific to 280zx so does anybody have a door seal alternative to use ?
  11. hey! so i am going to be making a custom dash for my 280zx that will eventually be my racecar but in the meantime with the stock l28e in it i have no OBD port. what i a trying to make is just a flat dash with a tablet in the middle that has all my gauges and car information. so that said anybody have any ideas on how i can do this. im semi decent at wiring and am up for the challenge. or would i have better luck just using analog gauges and wiring them in? if thats the case is there a speedometer sensor that hooks up to the standard 5 speed in place of the cable. ive done a lot of looking around and cant seem to find something that looks like it would work. thanks for any input
  12. It has been a while since this thread has been replied too but I'm looking to do an adjustable rear end suspension. I want to have the rear end go lower but not bottom out like the stories I've heard. I'm going off a limb here for ideas but what if you could create a sort of spacer to lower the bottom strut bolt hole to drop it roughly 2 inches? And then go with an idea from the thread? Any problems that I might not be thinking about?
  13. Another thing if anyone else runs into this remove the reverse lights connector to the transmission works just as well!!
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