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  1. Yes the stock tanks are good..I modded the pickup and installed a walbro 255L and will be using the corvette filter regulator assembly and -6 to the rails. Damn im ready to get it on the road.
  2. Im gonna use a Champion replacement aluminium 3 row with a single 16"fan
  3. Ok guys I am using stock GM manifolds because I don't wanna run headers. So the driver side is a Caddy CTSV and the Passenger is an LS2-LS3 Vette manifold and the oil pan is the holley 302-3 turbo pan. The steering shaft is getting a u joint, The passenger side looks like it doesn't clear but it does. The stud clears the frame rail as far as height goes by an 1 1/2" also using Dingo s30 mounts and raised them by 1/2"
  4. Would that be a +20mm offset
  5. Damn...Look at the width of those rear wheels 11"-12" !!
  6. Black S130

    BA's ZX

    What size rear wheel, backspace and clearance at the control arm please?
  7. I just purchased some Patriot LS Manifolds for my swap. They are a lot more narrow 1" 1/2 than the Camaro LS3 manifolds but I will still have to put a u joint in the steering shaft. Pictures of mock up will be soon. RT
  8. I know the thread is ancient as Tut but did the p/s fittings work?
  9. lets see pictures of the engine mounts please. Im just about ready to put an LS3 w/6060 in mine
  10. I know this is as Old as Methuselah but i found some info by the NHTSB and it stated that the CG for a 79 S130 chassis had a CG height of 19.25 inches and 45.5 inches measured from the center of the front spindle to the rear of the car. RT
  11. Rear axle width wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.
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