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  1. Thanks I'm loving the look but i have to do a little work to the front tub portion that is shallow. Gonna have to cut and fab an inch or two for clearance.
  2. Removed that POS rear end today to stuff the 8.8 and 315-35-17 under it. Cutting the axle down to a total width of 53" with the rotors on
  3. Not sure what it is but i love that car....keep it up!
  4. Do you have the long side axle? If so wanna get rid of it?
  5. What is the width of the stock 280zx rear end?
  6. As title states....What is the total width of a 280zx rear end? WMS to WMS
  7. Another question.... How long are those ladderbars from axle center to front mount?
  8. You are Da Man! mine is next......
  9. How close is the diff at the trunk floor? Do you have any pictures of a side view showing ride height?
  10. Yes the stock tanks are good..I modded the pickup and installed a walbro 255L and will be using the corvette filter regulator assembly and -6 to the rails. Damn im ready to get it on the road.
  11. Im gonna use a Champion replacement aluminium 3 row with a single 16"fan
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