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  1. Whats up guys! First off, awesome build man! Great job! I also have an rb25 73 Z . I have an issue. If I am at a quarter tank the car suddenly dies. I filled her up the other day and she is not idling correctly. When parked, i rev it and it seems to want to turn off. I do not have a surge tank, or any filters. Could this be my issue? I just got the car running and doing work on it as i go. Also cleaned out the AFM and made sure i had no vacuum leaks. I had to change out my turbo because my last one the compressor wheel blew up lol. I got an s1 turbo with steel wheel. She pulls hard but i am not sure if wastegate is opening. I have no boost solenoid. Any ideas guys?
  2. Make me a one piece ! Ill pick it up!
  3. Once you have 432 made let me know and ill cruise over, i will probably take a pair of fender flares as well but have not made up my mind yet on that i might do the speed forme flares
  4. Second that ! any 1 piece? im local too
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