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  1. $3500 https://www.racingjunk.com/GT/183068152/GT1-Speedway-Road-Racing-rolling-chassis.html Cut/paste what ever body work you want. Probably a lot cheaper, faster and safer than trying to modify Z.
  2. I live in CA with no smog for cars 1975 and older. That is huge draw for me to have a car I can modify and still drive it on the road. For me I would like a car like this He has several videos and website that shows what he did for his build. Some of it may be useful for you. If you are making a "track car" that is no longer street legal you probably better off with fd3s rx7 ( already has double wishbone with good geometry ) will weigh about the same as 240z ( when both cars have ls1/6spd ). Or just go https://www.racingjunk.com/ and pickup a used racecar or stockcar meant for road race track. Good luck with your build what ever you choose.
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