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  1. If you're still doing an upgrade, I recommend that you take advantage of the Black Friday deals. A new set of wheels and tires make a difference and it will add more value to your classic car.
  2. I don't know if I like these wheels, but again, we all have different preferences. Toyo tires, in particular the Proxes model is a good choice. It provides firm grip and stability during turns as per the reviews I read online.
  3. Good luck with build, I hope that the moderator's answer will fix the issue.
  4. Progress looks good despite the problems you encounter. I am excited to see the outcome of this build. By the way, I recommend that you check out 4WheelOnline in case you need some aftermarket accessories for this vintage car.
  5. I had fun watching the video on this post. It seems like you are having so much fun sharing you love for cars.
  6. The progress looks amazing, I am excited to see how this build will turn out.
  7. Please refer to the article below if you haven't found one: http://www.bestjapaneseengines.com/blog/used-japanese-engines/best-place-to-buy-jdm-engines
  8. Which of these tire and wheel packages should I install on my dad's 300ZX? What is the biggest size to consider without any rubbing issues?
  9. I think I've seen this wheel before. You should try checking out stores such as 4WheelOnline, perhaps they have a similar aftermarket wheel.
  10. I need some modification for my dad's 300ZX. I went home and find him working on it, I don't know much about this car that is why I decided to join this forum.
  11. Will it be best to seek help from a professional mechanic?
  12. I am hoping that you could help me with my concern about the excessive barking behavior of my Basset Hound. I just move in into a new apartment and have already received a complaint from my neighbors about my dog. I am thinking of using a bark collar, but I don't know which type should I purchase. I think that he is unhappy with our new place the reason why he keeps on creating unwanted sound. I hope that a dog owner from this community can somehow help me out. I am up this late, due to the fact that he keeps on howling.
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