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  1. Are you lookiing for the shaft with a straight cut or the round on one end? Round is from the later l28et distributer.
  2. interested in parting out any of the parts?
  3. Do you still have the clutch setup? Would you happen to have a turbo distributor for sale?
  4. Interested in the R200 mustache bar and the clutch setup if you are willing to ship.
  5. 09/14/2019 - Was home from school to do a few things and decided to stop by and see how the progress had been going. Most of the car has been wet sanded and buffed and it looks amazing. Can see myself through the paint. Car will need a little more buffing and polishing then the last few trim pieces will be painted gunmetal and I will be bringing the car home. Now would be a good time to talk about what body modifications I ended up doing. Car has a shaved Rain rail/Drip rail, shaved side markers, shaved rear bumper and attachment points, custom molded rear 3 piece spoiler that turn
  6. 08/31/2019 - Just got the notification that the rest of the body has been painted green and has been clear coated. Headed to the shop to check it out and I was blown away. Car has not been wet sanded or buffed yet and it looks amazing. Very glad I made the decision to have someone else paint the car.
  7. 08/18/2019 - FIRST COAT OF COLOR HAS BEEN SPRAYED!!! Such an exciting day, got to go see the color and I am so excited. Ended up deciding to paint the car 113 after finding it was the original color on the car. We had thought the car was orange due to the engine bay but after checking under the dash we found where there was orange overspray on the 113. I have owned a few green cars and it is an ongoing joke between my family and friends that I only buy strange green cars so I knew it was only right and damn am I glad I made the decision. The green is so nice and has such a deep color.
  8. 07/21/2019 - Just got the notification from my body guy that the car is in its first coat of primer. So excited!!!
  9. 07/07/2019 - Received a photo from my body work guy of him fixing up some of the issues with the rear quarter.
  10. 06/24/2019 - Busy past weekend, head to the shop to check out the progress and decided to strip the primer just to make sure that there was not too much body filler under the primer. Found some pretty bad news, car has a decent amount of filler on it. We decided that it would be safe to just strip all the primer and filler off of the car and start back with bare metal. Found that the body had very little rust besides the portions that I knew about previously. We also found that there was a repair on the rear quarter before, we assume it was done in the 80s or 90s due to the style of repair, we
  11. 06/07/2019 - Headed to the shop to take a look at how the car was going, got the engine bay holes patched up. Making some progress.
  12. 06/04/2019 - Made it 4 days without a miata, ended up buying another one and made the trip to pick it up. $800 with a roll bar. Planning on selling the roll bar for $400 and will have a running driving miata for $400. Can’t beat that.
  13. 05/29/2019 - Scrapped the parts 240z this weekend, as you can see almost the entire car was used for something. Also sold my first miata this weekend to help fund the paint for the car, happy and sad to see it go.
  14. 04/06/2019 - Headed to the paint shop this weekend to spray the interior of the car with lizard skin. Also pulled the suspension and undercoated the car a little with the lizard skin to help a little more with the sound deadening and heat protection. I think this stuff looks so much better than the sheet stuff and we will see how it performs. Also acts as heat and sound in one.
  15. 02/09/2019 - Finished up a few fixes on the rear spoiler/rear bumper shave and the car is heading to the body shop to get painted. As much as I would love to paint the car myself I know that I could not get the same result as a paint guy locally could do. This is a part of the car that I think it is worth to spend the extra money to have done by someone else. I am so excited to see the outcome, I think the car is in good hands.
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