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  1. What they're doing is quite similar to what defrag010 did in this thread: 3.4L L28 stroker Similar 3.5"/89mm stroke with a reworked L28 crank. And then trying a .090" or .120" overbore... Quite tempting
  2. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=149029 for fiberglass OEM fenders.
  3. Reading my issue of Grassroots Motorsports (great mag by the way) and came upon Paeco Industries. Not too much information on them but they do offer a stroker kit by the looks of it.
  4. Considering you have toe-in, I'd check the condition of the steering knuckle arm which connects the outer tie rods to the strut assembly. That component besides the tie-rods and control arm could affect the static toe if not straight.
  5. From my old S4 Turbo II (KTS Coilovers, Mazdatrix outer tie-rods, Lowered about 1"). Would've corrected it by adding a spacer above the front ball joint, but sold the car before then. Compression on Macpherson strut with positive LCA angle equals positive camber; so I dialed in some negative static camber to compensate.
  6. 4-barrel intake: THE FACTS Interesting thread about certain merits between the 4-barrel and SU setups. IMO purchase and install the 4-barrel Holley setup. If it doesn't meet your expectations, rebuild the SU's and sell the Holley setup.
  7. Yeah I knew that; just making sure the price and such info got published being that there's such an interest in the KA24DE 240Z swap.
  8. McKinney Motorsports kindly replied to my email with the following: "The KA24DE 240Z Mount Kit is the same kit as the 240Z SR20DET Mount Kit $499.99+shipping and surcharge."
  9. alexdeprat: If you're looking for Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass Hatches, Beta Motorsports produces some beautiful examples. Does say that it can mount stock window and such, but might require modification for hatch shock which is simple.
  10. Using SkYBlue280Z's very pretty car as an example, the wheels fit fine and without necessitating fender flares. The only concern would possibly be the aftermarket brake clearance because it's neutral offset and what looks to be low-disk. But that's not too big a concern in this is a popular wheel package which still has a group buy thread going on this forum.
  11. Goodness, that's too funny!
  12. From this thread. So use the F54/L28 Head Gasket for your application.
  13. My bad; reading your thread and such that totally makes sense. Just copy and pasted without much thought. But I do agree with dan5138 that wheel fitment would be much cooler with a cantilever rear suspension.
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