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  1. Dear Sir, If you would care to sell the Turbo Hydramatic automatic transmission, please advise if the auto trans would bolt up to my late 50's 283 SBC Engine. I am anxious to put a 283 SBC Engine in my 300ZX. I live in western PA and could make arrangements to meet you and pickup trans. I also would consider a transmission adapter to bolt the 283 Chevy engine to the original Nissan 5 speed manual transmission, if you have a source for this type of conversion. Thank You. Paul Pdfflyer@Roadrunner.com
  2. Currently looking for Gutted Plenum for Z31, with passages cut out, with a new top plate, Northwestern PA and I have a current plenum in trade. prefer to leave all inlets open, will consider welded closed inlets. Paul 814-882-1175
  3. Please guide me in the correct direction. I have a 283 SBC Engine with about 300 HP for installation in my 1987 300ZX with low miles on the body. Are there suppliers available to adapt the Chevy engine to the car body using front engine mounts, and to adapt to the Nissan 5 speed stock transmission. Or, to provide drive-train adapters if I use the entire Chevy engine and transmission in the 300ZX body. I have owned the car and the engine components for 10 years and would prefer to purchase new or used/modified components. Pdfflyer at Roadrunner. Thanks !
  4. Like you, I have a Z, and I also acquired a great running 1991 Q45 VH45 engine, and would like to re-build the VH45 engine and install in the Z with a turbo attached. I look forward to any details of your conversion which you care to share. PDFFLYER, Erie, PA
  5. We look forward to your continued documentary on the RARE VG30DET Dual Overhead Cam, single Turbo V6 Who in the US is capable of maintenance on this engines heads, and valves ? Can these engines be serviced by the US Nissan Dealers network ? or JDM Sources Any specific dealers of which you are aware ? There are a few US Contributed videos on YouTube, but no one ever replies with usable information. Best kept secret is where you can find an uncut wire harness, and a suitable ECU to couple with these engines. Most wire harnesses were cut in Japan ? What are the ECU Numbers available for these VG30DET Engines ? Any information would be appreciated. Regards, PDF
  6. I find this to be one fascinating topic. How far have you progressed in fabricating an AWD car using the 300ZX components coupled with a vk45 swap. Pdfflyer
  7. Big Phil, Nice to talk with someone knowledgeable on the RB engines Is the Skyline AWD Trans swappable to fitup the bellhousing mounting of the Skyline trans. to a Z31 engine ? I have a lead on a Skyline 5 speed trans obviously. I wanted to mount it in a Z31 engine/ body. What is required beyond a custom driveshaft length ? Paul Pdfflyer on Hybridz.org
  8. I tend to agree with DandyZ Make sure you have purged the air out of the system. Jack up the front of the car and burp the air out with cap off. I had a problem with a new Z radiator until the system was cleared of air. Only other possibility is a stuck thermostat, and the original radiator may have been fine. Take out the thermostat, give that a try. You definitely have an air pocket in there somewhere, and diluting the water with antifreeze has no bearing on the problem. All of the vehicles on the NY State Thruway are running antifreeze set to -20 deg and they run all year that way, even in the heat of summer. Northerners set the antifreeze to be worst possible case, and go with it 3365 days. Paul
  9. So here's the deal i'm looking for: a set of 16"/17" / 18" wheels with a neg or zero offset for a Z31. The reason being is because i need something newer and i need a taller rim that steers okay. Post pictures or send me an email of what you have to sell. thanks. Paul
  10. Please refresh my memory. I have searched the archives and still have a question on the ECU Changes on Z31 Will an '85 ECU work on an '87 car ? Both are turbo cars with a 5 speed, without digital dash, and have original equipment as far as AFM, and factory equipment sensors. The ECU I am considering is an A18-636 654 which already has a JimWolf Tech upgrade for the injectors Will I have to change any other components under the hood ? to use the earlier ECU. I distinctly remember, the automatic ECU to be usable in a 5 speed car, although not preferred. Is there any other ECU Changes to be concerned about? Regards, and Thank you PDF
  11. I am very interested in dropping a VH45DE into a Z31 1987 300ZX car with a 4 speed automatic formerly supplied with the '92 Infinity Q45, swapping the sump pan, and getting on the road this year. Turbo on this engine could be added within a year. Any inputs desireable. PDFFlyer
  12. There is a 3rd option to rebuilding with a Turbo addition, versus an RB25DET option, and that being the use of an Infinity VH45DE V8 as used in the '90 to '96 Q45, or VH41DE as used in the '97 to 2006 Q45 which is now an obsolete Infinity rear wheel drive platform. This DOHC VVT engine makes 280 hp without any turbo and a great deal more with the correct turbo installed. There is considerable more discussion on www.nicoclub.com and www.VH45DET.com and a few conversion pics. Engine mounts are considerably different, and radiator cooling must be re-determined, and hood/ground clearances are a must do effort in this conversion. ZMech has posted his VH45DE conversion pics on this HybridZ website. There are several VH45DE videos on Youtube as well.
  13. The Z31 VG30ET engine required a specific crossmember as compared to the Z31 NA crossmember. I'm sure you could fabricate the changes into the crossmember for the Z32 car body. PDF
  14. Does the proposed kit offer any headers to utilize in converting 300ZX to use VK45 Engine? or, are there plans to develop such a kit for Z31 cars? Pdfflyer WE are gathering all the parts now will have a kit by summer for the VK56 and then the VK45; have trans adapter, clutch done...
  15. Braap, I have a 300ZX Z31 and just bought a 150K mile good running VH45DE Engine, '93 I believe. Thanks for the tip on the NiCO forums having extensive info regarding the Q45 and VH45DE and what years have what options etc. Has anyone come up with a bell housing to bolt to the VH45DE that will bolt to a 5 speed Nissan transmission? Are the exhaust headers custom made, I see where Zmech custom made his. Pass on any info on Nistune, any link would be appreciated '90-'96 Q came the 4.5L VH45DE. VVT was deleted on the '96 model and was also OBD-II. Contrary to internet myth, the VVT delete did NOT affect the peak HP of that engine. That is a bunch of speculation from those who "think" VVT only affected the upper RPM range and have no data to support their claim. my completely bone stock 150,000 mile '96 Q45 with an old dirty stock air filter put down over 240 HP to the wheels at Torque Freaks through the auto trans, as much to the wheels as some of those false claims state the engine made at the crank! What deleting the VVT did affect was the lower RPM torque. The 96 was just tad bit less torquey below 4000 RPM, barely noticeable seat of the pants, but it was there and could be felt in back to back driving comparison. '90-'95, torque was flat. '96, at 4000 rpm it come on hard and runs the same torque/power curve from there up to redline as the '90-'95. '97- up to I think it '01 or '02, was the 4.1L VH41DE, VVT was brought back. Stock, the 4.1 was down a little on power compared the 4.5L. Really boils down to if want 4.5L or 4.1L or going to be build some hybrid VH monster as discussed on NiCO. Thanks again, Pdfflyer
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