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  1. Tim, I've had mine set up both ways. With the cage flush with the axel and with the cage turned the other way. After this last incident, I turned them back like nissan had them.
  2. Note bright area at bottom of pic. That is from the balls in the CV popping out and burnishing this area This is how the CV looks when over extended. The other CV is still in the housing and is not binding on anything. Movement of the shaft, I guess, and the CV's is caused by suspension movement and shaft rotation? Any oen have anyvthoughts. I've got solid stops on each end so I see what happens next. This is what an axel can do to an end cap
  3. Tim, I've checked that. It does seem like that is the problem but with the spring out of the car and putting the suspension thru the full range of motion, I have no binding, not even close. Plenty of room for the shaft to slide. A pic is worth a thousand words, especially my words. Mark
  4. Mike, your solution seems like it would be best by far. However, I'm not an engineer and it's been along time since I stayed at a Holiday Express. If you ever do finish it, make soem extra parts and I'll buy some from you. I ahve discussed this with Ross and hoped he could come up with something better. I even sent him a link to you solution. Tim, I really do neeed to post a pic to show what is happening. My CV's don't move on the shaft either. The shaft and the CV's slide pulling the opposite CV out of the housing. The CV is still on the shaft. The axel deforms the end cap or goes thru the end cap. This extra movement allows enough movement to pull the other CV out of the housing just enough to slip. Let off power in it pops back into place. Hard to imagine but I have had it happen enough times over the years to be very familer with it. I'll post a pic later. Mark
  5. I'll post a pic but the short story is the car won't go any more. Shaft pulls the out the other side while deforming the CV end cap. Or in this passed case, put a hole thru the end cap. Mark
  6. I replaced the inboard bushings with the delrin and aluminum bushings. No more toe change.
  7. Tim, If you don't take your car on the track (read road course) you probably never will ahve a problem. I thought I had this figured out. Oh well. No harm, no foul. Mark
  8. I have the R-230 in my car(240 with lt-1 and t-56. The car sees losts of track time. I have the Q 45 half shafts with 4 inner CV's and custom moser axels. I have had this set up in the car for about 7 years now. I thought I had the bugs worked out after so much track time. Recently went to VIR and found anothe problem that has never showed up until now. The stops that are machined to fit in the inner located CV to prevent axel travel have always worked. The axel has always tried to move inboard. I ran the North course at VIR and had a problem with the axel moving out board on one particular turn. It happened several times on that same turn. Made a run home to Charlotte and brought back more parts. Same result. Same turn. Hard right up hill (turn 7 ) really loading the left rear of the car. Left axel walked out not in. So I'm now putting stops on the out board CV's. If you guys don't track your cars this will probably never happen but since what Ross and Tim are selling are based on my car, I thought you guys should know. It's an easy fix. I'll post pics as it goes back together. Mark
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