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  1. The bike is an 03 Kawasaki ZX600e, the ZZR600. It was not double-gasketed(double O-ringed) The original gasket on the old filter can't really stick to the block, its actually held onto the filter with metal retainers of somesort that are built into the filter(I assume its a kawasaki filter) I've pulled off the filter and replaced the gasket in the filter and it did the same thing. There was NO remaining gasket on the filter housing.
  2. On my bike I've recently changed the oil to Amsoil 10w-40 synthetic motorcycle oil. The bike calls for 10w-40, so it is the right weight and all. I also used an Amsoil filter. I did this about 50-70 miles ago. The other day I went and started it up and after a few seconds I heard a slight metal to metal contact noise, didn't sound like detenation, or valve tap or a knock-not sure what it was. Then I looked down to find where it came from and oil was dumping out the bottom of my bike, so I cut it off. The oil was coming from the filter, and noticed it had a blown gasket. I pulled the fil
  3. I have a few on my phone, I'll see if I can't upload them later
  4. the avatar said it all, I just couldn't remember the name.
  5. Apple has been contacted and it is now property of chesterfield county sherriffs office
  6. Nismopowered, are you a member on zx6e.net? I've been trying to figure out who the Z guy is on there.
  7. I'll see about taking some pictures and posting them, I also need to send some off to apple just to get a comfirmation of it being a fraud as it will help with filing my police report. I did talk to an officer and he said it seems as though I have a solid case, but I need to talk to an officer from the county where the transaction took place.
  8. What makes it suck is the fact that it wasn't done online, I met the person and looked at it and everything before giving him the money. It wasn't till a few minutes later that I started noticing the differences. Mine stays in a leather case at all times, so honestly I didn't notice any differences till I took it out of the case. The quality is crap compared to my real ipod, it has a plastic exterior where as mine is aluminum. They didn't even write a believable program for it....it uses root files and local files as folders for music....and I've never heard of an ipod having to take like
  9. you think the police might be able to help me? I've had a couple instances where I've had to get some help from the police and they really didn't help, other then tell me that they were just gonna be present to make sure things didn't escalate. And they would not answer any of my questions reguarding the situation, asking if such things were even legal. The answer I recieved was, "I'm only here to keep the peace" yet wouldn't state if something was legal or not. Sorry for the rant, I have no problems with the police, and am not one of those guys that says "the cops are out there ju
  10. Found an ipod nano on craigslist for a nice price, was new in box. I asked the guy why he was getting rid of it. Said his dad is a wholesaler and gives his son random stuff like this and if he has one or doesn't want it he just sells it. So I bought it, I looked at it and all seemed good, then I decided to check it out and realised there was a few small differences, and it seemed a bit odd, and once I turned it on there was no similarities. So I contacted the seller and said its not real, and I have my actual AUTHENTIC Ipod nano right next to it comparing it and its FAKE. Now its kind of
  11. After plenty of confusion getting on both my flights to argentina, I am finally here. They canceled my initial flight to miami, so I had to fly to dallas to goto argentina, my ticket was purchased at a diffrent time from my parents so when we had to reshedule flights for yesterday, I had to fly alone where the rest of my family flew together. Then in dallas they said that I had no ticket booked for argentina, but the rest of my family did. They gave me a standby pass and I eventually got on, and now I reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina!!! Does anybody have any info on importing real cu
  12. Verizon has a global rental program, its 2.99 a minute, and $.65 for outgoing text, incomming is free though. I considered this, but I think I may just stick to one of my parents laptops and just IM or email
  13. this one went on the exhaust side too. The head was shaved to spec when the headgasket was replaced
  14. Just called them, and they have NO service or extended network there
  15. I know a nice bit of the 7MGTE engine. We have already done a headgasket replacement in this using ARP studs, but stock replacement headgasket torqued to 87 ft/lbs. I've read that people have increased the head torque and cleared up the issue with running higher then stock boost and still being reliable. The motor made the supra decently quick for its time, and it being a pig didn't help. It has a nice smooth powerband and I like the thought of that in the Z.
  16. I believe mine is a CDMA phone, I'm pretty sure thats all that verizon uses, and they are looking towards GSM phones, but I don't believe they have yet.
  17. On December 17th I'm leaving for Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be gone for 2 weeks. And was wondering if my phone will work there. I have an Env2, and an outlet adapter for there power requirments to charge my phone. I plan to bring it with me anyway as I have my spanish translator on my phone, and am gonna need that. I'm not too worried about making calls as it would probably be crazy expensive, but does anybody who does alot of internationaly traveling know if texting would work? On Verizons site it says there is interenational texting, but thats me texting someone in another co
  18. I may be getting my hands on a fairly cherry 7MGTE as a buddy is starting his 2JZ swap into his mk3 supra. I was just wondering how a fairly stock 7M(intake, exhaust, FMIC) pulls the little Z around. I relize the Z weighs quite a bit less then that pig of a car. His car ran a best of 14.7 I believe with minor upgrades(catback and bov were really the only upgrades) I only know of the GVW of the supra is around 3600lbs, I'm not sure of its actual weight though, anybody know? What I'm asking is if anyone has done a basic swap into the Z and how did it feel as compared to the L-series th
  19. I do plan to upgrade to somthing newer and bigger once I get this one paid off and feel comfortable enough to move upto a bigger bike. After I wrecked a few months back I've been slowly regaining lean angle, so I still got a ways to go.
  20. I just think the 03 ZZR feels damn perfect for me. All the newer bikes don't have the same feel as this one. I've learned on it and I just think the positioning is great.
  21. I just really like the bike. Its nice and comfortable and I like how its fairly upright but I can lean on in when I need to. I looked at a 08 ZZR600 and it doesn't really ride the same, its not very upright. I just wanna update the front. Everything else has the appeal of a fairly new bike, just the front end kicks it back to the early 90's
  22. what kind of front ends are interchangeable on it. I kinda like it, it just seems outdated to me. Where as the ZX6 looks agressive and way more upto date.
  23. So are all D and E parts interchangeable too? Or was it just a fluke with that exhaust?
  24. I know this isn't a motorcycle forum, but I know there is plenty of riders on here. I bought an 03 ZX600e11 ZZR600 and cannot find an exhaust anywhere. I've been looking but can't find anything. I have heard its interchangable with the 94-98 ZX6, but I haven't found anything to really back this up other then a parts guy at a Kawasaki dealership. Can anybody confirm this? Its hard to find parts for this bike, but the ZX6 is easy to find parts.
  25. I was ready to see that someone closed this thread cuz it was political. NO, its the same thing, just a diffrent person-atleast we can close this one.
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