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  1. its not a why question, but which one would do better for excersice purposes
  2. Hmmmm, 2 flat 6's, equal a flat 12........ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_917 I learned about this car in school, my teacher was a huge porsche fan and would talk about them all the time. The driver of the car would get his jollies off when shifting into 5th(maybe only 4th from what it says here on wiki) at 200mph and would still smoke the tires.
  3. Talkin to a few buddies tonight about biking, and we all had diffrent thoughts on it, and I wanted to get some ideas on working out on a REAL BIKE( I hate using a machine, it bores me and seems worthless to be inside on a bike machine when I can be outside in the fresh air) Would you get more of a work out in an hour being on a BMX bike or a mountain bike(on the street, no off-roading, few hills) I would think that I'd get more of a work out on my BMX bike, seeing as how most BMX bikes are a 20" wheel design, and single gear. Where as you have a mountain bike, which mine is a 26
  4. SR 240's aren't that bad, most of them around here atleast tend to follow the bandwagon quite a bit. I would have to say majority of the 240sx's around my area are SR, or beaters. They are nice and reliable, but in stock form are nothing insane(keep that in mind, because I know quite a few people expecting alot more out of it) What do the SR240's run again, like a low 14?
  5. Value of a stock Z will go through the roof
  6. It seems like a standard atmospheric bov to me. watch the video, its in the begining.
  7. Can we get pictures in this thread so we know what we're lookin at?
  8. No light, and can't seem to find the jumper wire for the ECU anywhere to flash codes.
  9. I've been looking everywhere howto time a D15 and can not find it anywhere. Everything is about the B18 now. Is there anything special needed to time it. Like on newer nissans you have to put the car into timing mode, do honda's need this? How do I get into timing mode on a honda? And I see 2 timing indicator arrows, which do I use?
  10. thats why I like mine, 45mpg ftw
  11. I mean, you can't go too big, gotta measure the ports first, I don't remember what they are, anything bigger is just overkill and so much harder to make.
  12. That statement doesn't describe it at all, honda's are reliable, and thats really all they have going for them. Now if I said, why is my honda slow, then that would be the PERFECT answer. haha
  13. 1 and 5/8 sounds good to me. Although I haven't measured the stock one before.
  14. I'm definitly gonna look into this
  15. hmmmmm, I wonder if they sell it straight out. I saw some other ones, but not that paticular one.
  16. Thats what I'm thinkin, but if there is another problem, I'd rather fix it first, before buying the dizzy, and having the same problem that may have been a simple fix.
  17. what BOV are you guys looking at? Am I looking at the wrong thing? It appears to be not much more then a pipe with a wastegate actuator look to it.
  18. I can't seem to find it, all there kits come with a different valve. Anybody know???
  19. think it may have advanced a bit? I checked the timing, but I was having problems understanding the marks, its not cut and dry like a nissan. Like my sentra and the SR's have each mark is 5*, but there is 2 arrows on the honda, idk which I actually use to time it, none of the arrows even point to a mark on the pulley.
  20. I did check them recently, they looked good, and that they were firing consistantly between cylinders. The wires are some random off brand. I bought the car off a buddy, and he said he replaced plugs, cap, rotor, wires and such a few thousand miles ago. He said he never had a misfire, but when he drives it tends to live at upper RPM's. Its been missing more lately at low RPM's, not sure whats going on. Maybe its not enough fire power to keep it going? And when I punch it, it gives some more power to light the mix?
  21. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Sick-240Z-with-a-supercharged-small-block_8276.htm I thought Darius was a big giveaway, haven't met a Z guy who hasn't seen the video before.
  22. anybody know, it seems kinda simple, but you can actually see it working, and its fairly diffrent from all the other BOV's
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