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  1. Very, very clean. I can't say that there is one wrong thing with this car. Thumbs up good sir.
  2. Ah. My friend also has a Mauser. I dont know what kind. I think his is also Turkish. I would say its a 98K, but I know its not.
  3. Hey Aux, is the top gun on the last picture a Springfield? It looks almost identical to my friends O3A3.
  4. Awesome. I just hope you wont turn into one of those "typical" SRT owners. Honestly though, if I still lived in SoCal and had the money, I would buy your car if you sold it.
  5. Confused

    Eye Trick

    I didnt have to pull the corners of my eyes :shrug:
  6. I dont think Ive ever delt with anyone like that, and Im glad. Honestly, I would have told the guy exactly what you were thinking. Then I would leave. I dont know how they are still in business.
  7. I only thought that the second hobo looked dead.
  8. You live in Newport? Wow. I was so close and didnt even know it.
  9. Uhh... I think I just had a stroke from reading that..
  10. You are correct sir. It was an amazing trip. Every time I have to leave, I die a little. Hopefully though, within a years time, we will be moving back. Here is one picture I forgot to add: Now this is a "Classic":
  11. I did see the Miata and the SR 240SX (I was very impressed, especially with the 240SX), but sadly I didnt see the Silver Z. In my opinion, I think thats probably one of the coolest shops Ive been to.
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