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  1. Curious if anyone could tell me what kinda steering wheel this is? I figure its an old grant or something, but it has no identifying markings. It's real wood by the look of it, even the 8 bolt coupler/spacer behind the wheel is wood. Pulled it out of a 70 2000 Roadster that was on craigslist for parts in my area. Thanks for any insight. I was going to use an old MOMO wheel I had due to the size, but this one is just as small but is still wood, which I am fond of, so I figured I'll use this one instead.
  2. Not all our pocket books are the same size. Didn't know John Coffey made fiberglass parts, but apparently he owns Beta? I guess I'll look into that.
  3. Considering a single OEM horn is $97-$110 retail at a Nissan dealer, depending on the horn, although likely unavailable, I don't see how $15 is a lot of money? Unless you left out a zero on the end. Then again, the stock horns sound pathetic and I can't imagine why, other than originality, you'd want new OEM ones. I had planned on going Hella, they sound pretty decent.
  4. Perfect, as in, fitment, or just little things here and there, like nicks, scratches, etc? I'll buy a fiberglass hood in a heartbeat if I don't have to go severely out of my way to make it fit. A wipe of filler here and there is cool, half a gallon is not. No other fiberglass hood supplier seems to have a good reputation. Preferably it would work with stock hinges.
  5. Have you seen any of his hoods? I haven't seen anything on the quality of his hoods, and I don't remember seeing pictures of it last time I was on the site. His other stuff looks good from pictures though.
  6. I like it too, my Kamei air dam was like that, without the little triangle cut out thingies in the corners. If I ever find another Kamei air dam, I would throw money at that person in a heartbeat. Sorry pictures kinda suck, maybe someone can lighten them up to see it better.
  7. Lower than -40 and I would imagine you would need larger flares or some craftiness. My rear SSRs are 10" -40, with 225s it's a pretty tight fit!
  8. There are several several R32s here in Virginia beach, GT-R and otherwise, at least 2 S15s that I have seen, an R33 GT-R, R34, a Pulsar GTI-R, imported FD RX-7s, and the like. Gotta picture of my friends S15
  9. What exactly is the reason against rolling the lip a little? I didn't see it mentioned. Why would you want to spend more money on tires that may or may not work, and cause more problems, when rolling your wheel arch lips is free, fast, easy, and generally unnoticeable? Also you can fit a slightly wider range of tires and wheels when done. Not trying to come off in a negative way, just want to know the reasoning.
  10. Totally rock solid or mushy? I've bought brand new cans of primer that were like that, and I have had to stir for a good long time before it was useable. I actually used some primer that was a few years old recently, but I had to stir the hell outta it. The solids in the primer sink to the bottom over time and it has to be mixed back in. Though this is with urethanes, don't know about the lacquer.
  11. I think you might be mistaking the black POR15 over where it was welded back together for a shadow, and is making it look bad. It's a pretty clean round cut all the way around the arch, complete with threaded rivets, seam sealer, and all that stuff. It's a lot cleaner now.
  12. I think a light stretch compliments the car. Giant square tires with just ZG flares look out of place imo. Heres a 225/50/15 on a 9.5 and 10. And the all shameless plug Otherwise yeah, wider sizes for 15s are hard to find. Would have liked to find 245s in 15" diameter to make the stretch a little less, but oh well. EDIT: Incase anyone asks, all those Zs in the background in that second picture were rustbucket parts cars I stripped out for parts for my rustless 70 (Which was basically a rolling shell) I have cleaned up my mess to stay good with the neighbors =]
  13. GTR Is "Aurora Flare Blue Pearl" My old ZXT was a dark blue, was some sort of mix of crap we had lying around. Was the darker Porsche blue color, mixed with a metallic black, with scarab red pearl flake squirted in, lol.
  14. What Takayuki said, Dealer cost is actually around $235, suggested retail is like 400ish. Price would likely vary from dealer to dealer. I'd sure love to get a new set for 130 a piece!
  15. If that's all they are worth to you, then by all means. I much prefer stronger, lighter wheels with a brand of higher quality control (This is assuming we are comparing modern, new wheels, if you can find a set of high end wheels for 1k or less in good condition thats awesome).
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