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  1. Guys: Appreciate the thoughts and responses. John....The cam (hydraulic roller) set up is: lift .474/.510 and Duration @.050,.208/221. It (Gm Performance Parts LT-4 "HOt Cam" pulls hard and very quickly in the lower RPM ranges and really all the way thru the low 5k horsepower range. The street tires are 25.6 tall. The 700R4 is a Bowtie Overdrive Level 2 with a 2400 RPM stall convertor. I'm not happy with the Bowtie Overdrive people but the transmission is great after I spent some more $s on it, that's another story. As we all know first gear is almost non-existant with the 3:90. There's no traction from a standing start and when I roll out in first the shift light is the only thing that I have time to look at in the nano-seconds before shifting to second. The car is not on the hightway much, and I have no desire to see what the top end would be so I'm primarily trying to expand the time between 1st and 3rd to make better use of the torque/horsepower range. Now it's sort of like "johnny we hardly knew ye". It's no doubt fun to mash-the-motor (however briefly in first and second) and it seemed to me that a 3:36 would be going too far that other way in terms of even finding someplace to go thru the gears without having to go on a highway between "burbs" to do it. The 4th gear O/D is .070. Again, appreicate the input and any other thoughts would be helpful..
  2. Guys: I have an 83ZX SBC, 700R4 and a 390:1 rear end. The power/torque curve (Engine Torque 430 @4000 Rpms (Horsepower 430 at 5800 Rpms)) is definitely not optimum with the big first gear in the 700R4. I'm thinking 354:1, but have no formulary reference. So lacking that, I'm not sure if a 336:1 would be better or why?? I've heard a couple discussions on an optimum rear-end ratio for a 700R4 and heard it expressed in numbers like 11 and 13?? The car is used in fair weather one the street. Any input from you guys out there with a similar application would be appreciated. Thanx Dan
  3. Check for a May 17 2001 post under the topic of ZX SBC Conversion using MSA MOunts. There is a grocery list of piece/parts that will help. There is a wealth of info available to you with the search tool.
  4. I'm using MSA mounts on my 83 ZX with a GM Performance parts Fastburn 385 and had to massage the bottom of the pan of both sides to clear the R&P. Other than that works great. There is a parts list on GM performace parts for that motor and sure you get the part #..
  5. Billv: Did you receive the 2 hedder photos I sent to your E-mail address??
  6. billv: I can get you a photo of the driver's side hedder. It is on my home account. What is your E-mail address? I posted a grocery list of piece/parts I used 17 May 2001. The title is ZX SBC using MSA mounts and it should answer a few questions that might come up. I'm have a 700R4 and am using the Motorsports Auto engine and transmission mounts. Dan
  7. billv: As I said, no problem with the hedders I'm using. I've had starter Heatsink/overheating problems on other cars with hedders that route too close to the starter, but I solved at least one of those problems with an insulated starter blanket. I have the power R&P also, and the drivers's side hedder had to be disassembled and refabricated to route between the 2 rear cylinders to clear the steering rod. Works fine though. I have a SBC hydraulic roller cam-set for sale if you are interested. I've only had one 305 in an El Camino and it ran O.K., but didn't have a lot of torque. Good luck..
  8. billv: I have an 83 ZX with Heddman Tight tubes and no problem on a standard size starter either in clearance or hedder overheating/starting problems. Good luck.. Dan
  9. danj: No progress in the last few days. Out of town for work. I plan on getting it running and through the Bow Tie Overdrive, pressure test and test drive to validate their warranty. I'll get more pictures of the header at different angles, the B&M Megashifter, and some others that may be of general interest as well. The WEB site is a great idea and I commend your willingness to do that. I'd be happy to contribute whatever I can. I put together a grocery list of piece/parts I used a almost 3 years ago and looked it up today. It's still there under the subject: ZX SBC conversion using MSA mounts. I posted it 27 June 2001, and it may have some helpful info. Dan
  10. Tried to upload some photos to the phot album but had no luck. What is the best way to attach the pictures??[/img]
  11. danj: I hear you on the $$$$ and time. I'm sure you will ultimately be very happy with your set-up once you have it dailed in. I've owned my car since 3k miles and really enjoy driving it more than I ever have. I'll take a photo of the left side hedder for you. I'm using a Bowtie Overdrive Level 2, with a 2400 RPM convertor and their TV cable. I just got mine running again over this past weekend and haven't gotten thru their pressure test set-up yet, but they have been really helpful and everything else sounds good when you say it fast so far. I'll let you know how it works out, but do check out their web site for info.. I'm using Eibach Pro-Sport and Tokico struts (adjustable on the back). Used to squat real bad and it's great now. I'm also using a B&M 82-92 Camaro console model Mega shifter and it looks factory.. I did change E-mail and you can reach me at dchildress1@woh.rr.com. Dan
  12. danj Good to hear you are on the road after such a long time. Mine took about 10 months, but I was hitting it pretty hard almost everyday. I have an 83 SBC/700R4 also with Power R&P and Heddman Tight tubes; which are not full length. The passenger side wasn't a problem, but the drivers side was completely reworked with the steering shaft running between the last two tubes (6&7). I've running an honest 430 H.P. and didn't find the headers to be a big restriction issue. I'm running 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes into a flowmaster Y with a 3 inch out to a flowmaster muffler in the stock location. Good luck on getting it dialed in. Mine has been running since November 2001, and I pulled the engine/ trans out this year to clean up the wiring and install a Bowtie Overdrive Stage 2 700R4 to replace the "other" 700r4 that was a constant source of problems. Have you made any suspension modifications? Dan
  13. project280ZX: I have an 83 ZX with a carbuerated SBC/700R4. Suggest you buy the Jags that Run Z conversion book for starters. There are several things in the conversion book that does not apply to the ZX, but there is still enough substance and philisophy to make it a good investment. Plan on spending a lot more on the conversion than you plan, and a lot more time as well. There are lots of tried-and-true solutions to problems that will occur that the guys on the forum will be able to help you otu on. Do look at the search feature and you will find most everything has been covered in great detail. Good luck.. Dan
  14. I'm running a B&M Megashifter 700R4 Console model 82-92 Camaro/Firebird. Looks factory and it fits in the middle of the ZX 5 speed console. I made a "plate" out of wrinkle finish black plastic to cover the void and it is the same material as the B&M.. The only thing I had forgotten about B&M is they are a little quirky and overkill on the reverse handle lock-out, and they could shift a little smoother too. I've gotten used to it and I'm not going to throw it away or anything.. Made the brackets for the mount on the rear tail shaft and had to "massage" the left exhaust pipe a tad, but it fits great...
  15. The ZZ4 is a good value. It makes an honest 355 H.P. and can also be upgraded 35+ H.P. with the Hot Cam. I have a ZZ430 clone (Fastburn with Lt-4 Cam-set); which has the same short block as the ZZ4. Had it balanced this winter and have not put it back in the car yet, but I've been driving it around 2 years. You can buy a ZZ430 clone from Superior Chevrolet or Sallee to name 2 I know of. I started out to rebuild an old Cop Car 350, but after looking at the crate, the decision became pretty easy. Good luck..
  16. Guys: Not sure what happened to my post of 2 days ago, but..... I need to know if a R200 from a 300ZX is the same I.E. direct bolt on with no modifications to my 1983 ZX R200.... I have a 390.1 with a SBC and 700R4 which results in a big and quick first gear. I'm looking at a 354.1 out of a 300... Thanx as always.. Dan
  17. Some of the 79-83 ZXs had R180s. Think they were all automatics...
  18. I'm running a Bowtie Overdrive Level 2 700R4 with a 2400 RPM Stall speed convertor in a ZX with 430 H.P. and love it... Shifts decent during normal driving and shifts firm/great when you mash the motor... They can set it up about any way you want it....
  19. I have Eibachs with Tokico adjustable and like them very well for my straight line street application. I have an 83 ZX with a 430 H.P. SBC. I can very easily see the benefit and flexibility of ride height/adjustment of Coil-Overs depending on what you use the car for and if you have a desire to put larger rims/tires on.
  20. badmojo175: I have an 83 with a SBC, and the digital gauges work fine except the tach isn't accurate. Suggest you take a look at the Jags that run web site, and buy their book. There are differences between a Z and ZX conversion and the JTR manual covers the Z. There are enough similarities though to make the cost of the manual well worth the price. There are differences between the 83 and 80 steering that someone else can address better than I. My driver's side header had to be significantly modified, but it workds fine.. Good Luck.. Dan
  21. There are several other differences between the HO Deluxe and ZZ4 other than HO iron vortec versus the ZZ4 aluminum non-vortec heads. The difference is 25 H.P more for the ZZ4, as well as the hydraulic roller valve train. The ZZ4 can be upgraded to 375-395 H.P (depending on whom you talk to) with a LT-4 "Hot cam" (about $500 for parts) using the same valve springs installed by G.M.
  22. 327zxer: There was a lot moreZX conversion info out there that appears not to be there anymore. I posted a grocery list of piece/parts I used on my 83ZX SBC/700R4 and it appears to be gone as well. I have the power rack and pinion, and don't see how the ramhorn manifold will work on the drivers' side, but perhaps someone out there has some real life experience. I used Heddman Tight Tubes, and the drivers' side header had to be routed around the steering shaft on the rear cylinders 5 and 2 I believe. I used MSA mounts, but again that was a 700R4. I have the NEAPCO part #, radiator (84-86 light-duty no air I believe) and some other info that may be useful. I scrounge it up and re-post.. Good luck.. Dan
  23. You might also want to consider buying an old cop car as opposed to a zillion trips to the junk yard. I also scavenged a bunch of wiring connectors that make the engine bay look a lot more finished.. That would save you a lot of time and money. Gm Performance parts also has a 350 replacement long block for around 1200. Good luck..
  24. Nion: Had a similar problem with my 83 SBC ZX. Ride around town all day at 100 degrees or whatever outside and it ran around 190-200. It would 210-220 on the highway and then go up to 240-250 at the exit ramp. Good news is it cooler down pretty quick. I changed the radiator hoses with the reinforced ones and jacked the front end up as high as I could when I refilled it. Not sure which one fixed it, but the problem is gone.. Hopefully you can fix it pretty quickly because Mr. heat is not a good thing.. Dan
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