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  1. He will definitely be missed. Sad to hear of his passing
  2. It takes a 'real' man to paint over perfectly sweet CF. I am going with the same color code for my Z, which was originally silver. I it will save me from repainting the jams, etc., so I will stick with the same color. Your Z is looking GREAT with the super glossy clear!! Nice work even though you have some detail work left.
  3. I had a bodyshop install a donor roof from another Z and it was like $300 or so as I recall. The CF looks a lot better! To me, a sunroof is a blemish on a 240Z roof.
  4. Love the aggressive look of your Z! Great color with the black hood
  5. John was a true car guy, true racer, and genuine to the core. I have been on this forum since its early inception and I remember John as one of the first guys that "put it all out there" to help his fellow car friends on the forum (and many outside of it). I totally admired his level-headed approach to everything and also his vast knowledge of what things will actually work on the Z. He could temper his "matter-of-fact" comments in posts in such a way that those who read it came away feeling like they had to agree with him or remain steadfast in naiveté and ignorance, but without offense. He was always helpful and his contributions in the forum are innumerous. Auxilary called me the other night to let me know of John's tragic passing. I am truly saddened to hear of news and my prayers go out to his family and friends, especially his wife, who feel the pain of his death. He is one person that I met only a couple of times, emailed a few times, and whose comments I read often, but one whom I will miss having on this earth because of his positive influence to the greater good of the racing community. Miss ya. RIP John Coffey.
  6. Dude, I know what you mean...but I am entirely happy cutting mine up !!! LOL. Thanks for posting the specs on the wheels and tires, spacers, etc.
  7. That is the first thing you should be buying for the swap. Available virtually anywhere and at http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Datsun_Z_V-8.html It will provide the base from which you can begin and then use this site to hopefully answer the questions the JTR book doesn't. Davy
  8. Ryan, thanks for the photo. Funny, but even I know that is the correct bracket, I was sent something different. What I have can also be used, but it is missing a second piece. I'm pretty sure they pulled the part from a 240Z, but I need a second piece to the puzzle. What I will end up doing is fabricating the piece that attaches to the chassis and I'll make it so it bolts to the second part they sent me. Again, many thanks for the photo--it shows me what I am looking for and actually what I need. At least I can use it as a photo for fabrication purposes. Cheers! Davy
  9. This is very important information that I just learned---thank you John C!!!! Davy
  10. I need a photo of the part that is on the car itself. There must be two parts to the body bracket or something and I looks like I do not have the moun or mouting part that bolts or welds to the body. Thanks for your help. Davy
  11. Dynomax VT Click on the VT video and watch it. When these came out, I was very intrigued by them. I'm going to purchase one for the next muffler I replace on my vehicles. That said, the system I bought for the Z from another HBZ member is supposedely "quiet" and "without drone" and consists of a Y pipe to a single 3" to a stainless Borla muffler in the stock location, to a 3" Dynomax (not a VT) in the rear. I don't have the system installed yet, but it should be good. From various threads on this subject over the past decade, it has been stated that the Z system needs a "resonator" of some type in the middle of the system to kill drone. This is why the VT muffler is so interesting--I wonder if it alone would do the job without a "resonator" in the middle of the system. Davy
  12. LOL, thanks for posting that, Chris. I like the aluminum set back plates. Mine are steel, but I don't care at this point since they get the job done. Davy
  13. Nice run, Hanns! I think your car and the suspension will last longer with the new configuration. I can't imagine what the pounding of the wheelies do to the car, especially when done repeatedly. I see your time above, but how does it compare to your best run so far? Just curious as to how it compares to your best 1/8 mi run. Davy
  14. Very clever, Dom. I like that... Davy
  15. HarrisonTX, I just bought one of those from ebay. I believe it is a Wagner aluminum slave cylinder for an 87-91 Camaro with T5. I wanted a metal unit instead of a plastic one. I just like metal I suppose. Davy
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